Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 04 Moving Count Down

Wow! We slept from 7:30 pm until 6:30 pm last night. We were exhaugsted. No sale from Etsy or Zibbet yesterday.
CYBERSAVINGS2011 for 60% off

75% off already marked down

I did get a lovely comment from another shopper yesterday saying she really enjoyed looking through my shop. It made me feel good.

To Do's Today:

1) Take Out all Trash-done

2) Finish Packing the Kitchen and Living areas three fourths done

3) Promote the store more-half done

4) Call utilities back with correct forwarding address-two down and one more to go

5) Make a list for some of my handmade buddies that offerred to help once I got settled.
I saw uh? The other businesses that I work with to promote small businesses wished they could help. Well I found out what they can do to help and will have list for them should they feel generous to do so. In return I will promote their store on my blog and place a button for year on my blog as a Thank you. So, be looking tomorrow for that.

6) Make sure my dog gets more socialized before the trip in the truck with my family that is driving.-working on it

7) Update with pictures of said dog for you.-working on it.

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