Friday, December 30, 2011

Blast Out Friday Final One for 2011

**This post will be periodically updated throughout the day with new items from different store fronts**
Etsy Store Fronts:

4) Kindred Scents

These smell great!

3) danarailey

Great for businesses, baby nurseries, kids rooms, and home decor!

2) The Blue Lantern

A lovely set for Valentine's Day in your kitchen.

1) Beautiful Swag Store -
Needing a new look for a new year? Then this is for you!

get it while the remaining high discount code is available use TREASUREHUNT for 40% off
free shipping for us residents with us shipping addresses. Two other sets similar to this one as well, if you have triplets or in need of three sets, we have you covered.

Meylah Store Fronts:
Needing something to help your second to fourth grader with reading comprehension but in a book format they love. Everyone loves Judy Moody! Got that state required testing prep coming up? This will help prepare your child. No need for shipping just a printer to download and print the pdf file. Get it while supplies last.

Zibbet Store Fronts:
Ladybug Ladybug Baby Set
Got that winter baby shower coming up? Need something for an expected birth as in they didn't know they were pregnant story? We have you covered. The remaining 48 hours of 75% off moving sale is in full swing. Come get it this and more!

12 Mini thank you cards

Got lots of gifts but no thank you cards? This shop has you covered!
12 Mini Thank You Cards REady To Go

New card wallets available for purchase today. Nice selection too!

Want to join in or be featured in the blast out friday feature? If you have store front contact the shop for more details on how to be featured and participate. Its awesome!! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shops open for business

Let's start by listing what is going on in each shop.

use TREASUREHUNT 40% off  for the etsy location. This will expire 1 1 2012. All prices and shipping charges are changing in the future.

Judy Moody Reading Comprehension Book 1 is now available at the meylah location. Grab it now for that BORED kiddo needing assistance in the reading comprehension area.

Last days for 75% off moving sale  for the zibbet location. Again come  1 1 2012 prices will change and shipping will too!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Countdown Day 1 It's my birthday

Okay, so, I thought I would get to sleep in today. No school means no school bus. Yum..nope! Oldest thought it would be fun to wake up early then wake me up. It would not be such a big deal expect instead of just turning on the tv to quietly let me wake up. She threw the lights on, and discover the dog had an accident in the bed. Sigh...birthday gift from a dog.

Higher birthday present was bucket of bling. An bucket of assortment of different size of aylric bling. here is a link Kids-Crafts-Bucket-of-Bling-Assorted-Acrylic-Jewels

Reminder, the shop is offically closed for the holiday season starting today Thursday December 22nd, 2011 through Tuesday December 27th, 2011.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Countdown Day 2

Okay this morning I made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for tomorrow and today. I sent a dozen to my husband's work. We have a dozen here but are only keeping a half dozen and sending the other half to the schools.

Last night, I got a wonderful convo from an etsy associate. The etsy location has been featured on the clickable below. Come check my shop and the other four choosen for this week!

pcfteam weekly-shop-hop

Do you have a shop? Need some extra love? Then head on down to the bottom of the page and your shop information.

The Promofrenzy Team is doing a year in reflection to see how we have been successful as an individual and as a team.

Before Promofrenzy Etsy Team:

Shop Openned 2010 no sales until March 2011
1 sale in june 2011
1 sale in august 2011
1 sale in september 2011
0 sale in October 2011
3 sales in November 2011
3 sales in December so far 2011

as of views 0 for Oct 2010-December 2010
as of views 4,482 shop views, listing views 22,345 2011
18 favorites 2 listing favorites , 16 shop favorites 2010
1,041 favorites, 896 listing favorites, 145 shop favorites 2011
0 orders for 2010
11 orders for 2011
0 revenue earned 2010
$45.22 revenue earned 2011

Wow what a dramatic increase!

My plan for the new year. Open up one more shop front at a different location, increase sales to 40 sales via internet shop fronts combined between three different shop fronts.

Why three different location. I have spent over $100.00 in listing fees on Etsy plus they take a percentage of my sale and only made $45.00. The other two sites don't charge to list but do take a percentage of my sale. They do limit the amount of my lisitings between 25-50 listings depending on the site. More money in my pocket over all in the end. Plus, the more fronts, I have the more visibility I have in the market and the more potiental to make money for my family.

Not to mention my time and supplies are not covered overall with only $45.00 profit.

So, for my next birthday wish list is...

business cards (nice ones)
a banner that unites all three shop fronts
fliers done and approved for the local school district

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Birthday Countdown Day 3

Yesterday was spent paying bills, treating myself to a McDonald's peppermint mocha, laundry for our trip, delivering 1 teacher gift and staff baked goodies, cleaning up from yesterdays dinner, making baked goods for today, and dealing with more bills.

Today's birthday wishes are:

three silly winter hats for me and my girls to wear and have photos taken in

one coordinating dry fit material running outfit either by nike or fit fatale (pants and top)

new running shoes with dry fit socks

decorations for the next holiday season

candles to make my house smell good

Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Countdown 4 days

So, my birthday is this Thursday. It really doesn't seem like the normal holiday and birthday time for me. I mean heck I just moved cross country with my family. A lot of our stuff we use has to remain in boxes because we are planning to be out of the rental in 6 six months or less.

Let's see what's on my birthday wish list for today:

Arbonne protein powder and fizzy tabs

A new purse with lots of pockets but meduim and stylish in size

A pair of everyday winter boots, not snow boots, I already have some of those

Boot socks found at Old Navy- on sale right now $5.00 ladies size 7-10

Friday, December 16, 2011

Blast Out Friday 12/16/2011

Christmas Bath Pouf - Makes a great stocking stuffer.

Candle Gift Set for those in your live that like candles

Needing a bold winter blue fascinator/headband? Here you go

Use ARBONNE 30% off until Sunday December 18th 2011 6 am

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wedding Belle Blue Jean

A few months ago, I put a few feelers out in the handmade world to see if anyone would be interested in me reviewing their products, and sponsoring a giveaway for them on my blog.

This is the only company that responded, weddingbelleblues .

They make awesome customer jeans or jean skirts! They were so awesome in dealing with my delay of their review of their product from my house being sick for a month too!

Here are some product photos from their shop.

For my original review of their product, click here bridal-jean-skirts-by-wedding-belle

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Open for Business

As soon as the internet was connect yesterday, I openned the shops from vacation mode.

I got one sale on etsy last night and one from zibbet. Wowerizer, I wonder what would have happened if i could have kept it open during the move? Not going there.

Extending the 75% off moving sale at the beautifulswagstore zibbet location until December 31st 2011 at 11:59 pm.

New Sale code for this week is ARBONNE 30% off    until this Sunday December 18th, 2011 6am

Saturday, December 3, 2011


from Sunday December 4th, 2011 through Monday December 12th, 2011for a cross country move. Until then you will have to rely on email to contact me unless you have my other contact information

Day 01 Moving Count Down

Wowerizers! It got cold all of a sudden here in AZ apparently, it gets worse when we get to MO! I am hoping that after we get there but before we leave to go to visit family we get to see snow.

Today's To Do List:

1) Paint Walls-done

2) Take all clothes into garabage bags -will work on in the am

3) Get Dogs bag ready-will work on in the am

4) Finish existing laundry-working on now

5) Friend stops by-friends forgot

6) go out to eat -did this

7) Make list for items from Wal-mart for trip via airplane will do tomorrow

8) Gather all items for finish packing-working on it

9) SNS tonight-done

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 02 M.Count Down Blast Out Friday

Today's to do's:

1) Close PO BOX and forward mail-done

2) Get paint to do touch up on walls in rental-got paint will paint today

3) Get a few items from wal-mart -done

4) Vaccumm out of vechile-done

5) McDonald's for last hang time with friends here-done

6) Blast Out Friday Shops shown below:

Simply Shop|323 - Forest Cluster Earrings make a great stocking stuffer! Enter FREESHIP for FREE Shipping!

Adri's Adorables - Pirate Crayon Roll With 8 LARGE Washable Crayola Crayons - Super Skull and Crossbones Stocking-Stuffer!

Sweet Emmie Bowtique-- The perfect stocking stuffer-- sweet and delicate cherry blossoms woven beautifully onto a headband!

3) Beautiful Swag Store - Looking for something that is not christmas that can be worn throughout the year without much fuss. Use CYBERSAVINGS2011 FOR 60% OFF ENTIRE STORE

Caprica Accessories - Funny poo earrings! Give the gift of laughter...and poop, this Christmas

1) Blue Eyed Blessings - Red & Black Flower Boutique Pillowcase Dress 0-12M: Versatile dress that can be worn for MANY years as a dress and later as a tunic/shirt with leggings under! Or maybe sisters could wear it? Older sister one day as a shirt with leggings and the next day Little sister can wear it as a dress! LAYER, LAYER, LAYER to wear year round!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 03 Moving Count Down

Okay much much closer to my goal of being completely packed by the time dh gets back here.

1) Here is my dog as promised. I know you here me talk about her. Now you get to see a picture of her now that she is a year old. You will have to go back to earlier in the year to see older pup pictures.

2) Finish Kitchen, dining area, and living room

3) clean out van

4) Eat out

5) Promote for Thursday promotion and prepare for the BOFRIDAY Monthly sales fun Tomorrow

6) Ways my small business friends can help me move

a) I need 3 x 6 we moved cards for my kids to send to their friends after we move. If you can make about 15-20 that would be great..doesn't have to be on thick paper either standard printer paper is fine.

b) bracelet makers my kiddos broke a bracelet his grandmother made me out of white and blue crystal beads the other day. I didn't have the heart to tell them their great grandmother made it for me. So, if you could make two light blue and white that would be great standard size for an adult. I could put it in their stocking stuffers.

c) If you have a pattern for a purse/diaper tote that you wouldn't mind me having I'd appreciate it. I need a new purse but  can't find anything but a small diaper bag to fit my needs. I need to outside pockets for water bottles/snacks, six interior pockets (keys, phone, pens/pencils, notebook/nook, first aid kit, and a spot of chap stick). Must zipper close. If you don't feel comfortable letting have the pattern but have one made. I will test if for you gladly.

d) Design a flier promoting both my etsy and zibbet location, for me to print off and have approved by the new school district for disbutions (sP).

e) I need a few xs to s sized dog sweaters made for my dog. All of sudden most places don't make them. I normally make fleece or flannel dog blanket jackets but I can't do to the move. If you have one, I will test it on my diva dog.

Any of my small business friends that help in this way, I will review your items on my blog for you and put a button up on my side bar for a year of promotion for free.  Email me if you are interested