Friday, April 27, 2012

#15 Blast Out Friday April 27th 2012

Blogs, Giveaways, and Treasuries

Etsy Store Fronts

Caprica Acessories - Kawaii ducky bell phone charm! Super cute baby animal accessory

My little bows- cute purple plum hat. for a limited time, new customers get a FREE felt hair bow with purchase of any hat.

get a FREE felt hair bow with purchase of any hat!

A Party Studio- Celebrate your little sailor's birthday with this adorable Happy Birthday banner!

 Get your summer white daisy claw clips before someone else does
use coupon code BLOOM to receive 50% off for our clearance sale

Pedaling Designs - A Great Teacher Gift!

Meylah Store Fronts and Market Places

Pink Tourmaline Laser Cut Cubic Zirconia Ladies Ring Size 7

Large size photodisney-princess-jewelry-links

Large size photo

Indiana Glass Tiara Exclusives Emerald Green Jolly Mountaineer Decanter, Shot Gl


Vintage Doll Clothes Lot

Recycled Plastic Containers
Zibbet Store Fronts

Antique Rose - Women's wallet

Red White Blue Flower Fascinator Headband

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Okay for all who follow my tweets or on a cross promotional team with me, and have seen the hashtage #zibbetmonth then went uh?
Let me tell you, I have a shop front on Its similar to etsy and artfire. You can can have a free account to upload up to 50 items without upload fees, and they don't take any of your profit on your sale, or you can pay $70.00 a year for premium account and have lots more options open for you to help sell. I have a free account. Yes, I made a sale at christmas. I take my expired items from etsy and put them for sale here.

The news story now:
I got a newsletter from the president and workers of zibbet a few weeks, ago, notifying me of a great thing occurring in the month of April 2012. The DIY Fashion, representative, Rain Blanken was doing features on the and their sellers this month. They asked if when we were promoting to put the hashtag #zibbetmonth in the tweet. I have been doing that.

Here is a direct link for the article:

Here is a direct link for the site:

Here is a direct link for my store front:

I love the community at zibbet. They are so very friendly and helpful. When I had trouble getting my descriptions to follow for new products, I posted my "draft" with pictures, and many members stepped up and helped me re-arrange my words to create an awesome following descriptions.

The customer service response on issues are fanastic!
The technical support division (waving hi at Jess) is top knotch.
The president and ceo in charge, is always there for members when they have a direct question for him.

Thanks Zibbet for providing a great community for handmade makers!

Blue Carnation Fascinator Headband with a veil

 Remember when I posted this in etsy this past fall for purchase?

Did you miss your chance to purchase it then?
Now's your  chance to get it below retail cost. 
 May 1st 2012 It will be featured in an auction on Tophatter auctions for handmade items.

Starting bid is $7.00 - get when the auction goes live. 

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blast Out Friday 4-18-2012

Blogs, Giveaways, and Treasuries

Etsy Store Fronts
A Party Studio - This Happy Birthday banner is sure to be a huge hit at your little girl's party!

beautiful swag store - get your mother's day or wedding party present taken care with this..tulip decorative ball
use the 50% off clearance sale coupon of BLOOM

My little bows-  a perfectly cute strawberry hat for summer, or a photo prop

Gorgeous set of 3 kawaii miniature macaroon rings, make great party favours!

beBOWutiful: Get ready for the fourth of July with this hair clippie!

Simply Shop|323: Fun, Colorful pastel bracelet that spells out your colorful style!  
Great gift for Mother's Day! Coupon Code 15off

  Adri's Adorables: Marvel Madness--use this comic book fabric pacifier clip for your little avenger

The Blue Lantern - Crochet Bow Hat in Purple and Grey - A sweet hat for you little girl.

 Meylah Store Fronts


Sparkling Beauty Cubic Zirconia Ladies Ring Size 8


Large size photo

Disney World Aladdin Abu the Monkey Lovey Plush
Zibbet Stores
Pearl Apache Tear Pendant -Black Obsidian Ascending Pearls and Silver

Happy Togehter Quicksand Kit- TLC

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meylah Store Site Announces Changes in its Policy

I'm often asked where I sell and why.  Here is information on one of the sites I use. They announced positive changes for their site.
I am getting a market place set myself, contact me if you feel interested in joining.

***Disclaimer this blogger was give permission to use all images and information listed in the Meylah newsletter to promote said changes at meylah via customer service through emails****

Yes! Yes! Yes!  What you're reading is not a joke...everything on Meylah is now FREE!  No more monthly subscription fees, no product listing fees and we've reduced the transaction fees to only 2.75%!  We are super excited to announce these changes and so happy that with our continued growth and all our new features that we're able to reward all of you, our members, with all our best features at no cost!  Read below for more details...

Monthly Fees:

No More Monthly Subscription Fees
We are waiving all monthly subscription fees so you won't be charged a monthly fee any longer and all of these PREMIUM features on Meylah have automatically been included in all members' accounts at no cost!

Transaction Fees:

Transaction Fees Reduced to 2.75%
At the end of the day, it's about you and your work. We want to make sure you get a bigger slice of the pie so we've reduced the transaction fees from 5% to ONLY 2.75%!  Your success is our success and now you don't have to risk any upfront cost to realize your dreams of running a successful online business.

Join and Create Marketplaces:
You can now list your products in multiple online marketplaces with one single click!  We've already had several new marketplaces created on Meylah in the last month and Coming Soon Is The New Marketplace Directory so you can find, join and sell your products in multiple online marketplaces all from your 1 online store on Meylah!  And don't forget, you can now also create your own online marketplace, customized and curated by you so you can sell together with your selected peers and have their products automatically fill your new marketplace.  Here's one of the newest online marketplaces on Meylah, Showcase Seattle!

Connect with us:
Connect With Us
Our goal at Meylah is to help you succeed in building and growing your business.  Although most of these changes above have already taken place, officially starting May 1, 2012 all Meylah accounts will be upgraded to the new plan and everyone can enjoy the same features for FREE!  If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to share them with us.  Our team is here to help and we look forward to hearing from you.

For more information on this site or questions concerning this information feel free to email

click here to check out the site for yourself

To check out my store front click here: