Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 20 Moving Count

To Do List:

1) Take the boxes down stairs to storage -done

2) Take lots of trash to trash bin

3) Run- 3.54 miles plus 30 flights of stairs today

4) Cut up mushrooms for salad -done

5) Monday Promotions-half done

6) Start the pricing process for the part this weekend -started

Thank you for all the encouragment!


Linda B said...


Do you run every day?

beautiful swag store said...

I run 3-5 five days a week spilt up or sometimes every day depending on how much I am training.

Right now its 3 days a week, because I get extra workouts going up and down the stairs by taking boxes to the storage unit. I don't want an injury either from over running

sweetybird09 said...

Your doing a good job getting ready to move...where are you going to?

beautiful swag store said...