Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 12 Moving Countdown

Today is 12 days until we move, 12 days until my hubby has to have a place for us to move too. No place yet. Yesterday everything that could go wrong went wrong from a medical center cashing a check that was suppose to be cashed over 30 days ago causing all sorta havoc to my banking account. Needless to say, I think I could have handled the other rumor crap that came to my attention if I was not already upset about the bank, running on no or little sleep, and feeling very lonely in this move.

Reminder: Esty Black Friday sales code: BLACKFRIDAY2011 50% off ; Zibbet location is already marked 75% off for clearing out stock before the move.

1) AM pick up of boxes-done

2) put gas in my van -done

3) check my bank account to be sure it is straightened out-done

4) morning packing-done

5) release a black friday gift guide multiple teams shown-done

6) afternoon pick up more boxes and playdate for my kids

7) early bed for my kids-done

8) more packing-skip

9) maybe a short run this week 2 miles

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