Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 23 Moving Count down Happy Veterans Day!

1) No School due to Veterans Day. Know someone in the military or nonactive personal? They have a tight budget but need gifts? I have a special discount that is not adverstised specific for them and first responders. They must contact the shop to get the code.

2) Finish today's to do list-got done

3) Make Grocery list -done

4) Go grocery shopping
5) Finally get to pack up dishes and pans that I am not going to be using for a month today

6) Laundry -hopefully get to mine today-almost got done with kids and almost started mine. You know its bad when you have to go buy socks because other family members take yours and wear yours due to the fact they out of their own.

7) Blast Out Friday: shown below

Blue Eyed Bows: Festive Red and Green Snowflake Boutique Hair Bow - Get ready for the holidays with this red & green snowflake hair bow!

Beautiful Swag Store: is your favorite colors purple white and black? Is the holiday color theme for your decoration color combo the same? Then this is exactly what you need to complete it,

Dell Cove Spices - For the DIY culinary crowd, a make your own Curry Spice Kit! Why pay more for expensive spice blends, when you can make your own -- and make it fabulous!

Hint: find the hidden treasure chest for dell cove spices in one of their etsy listings to discover their savings for the month of November 2011

The Blue Lantern Santa Hat Small Adult. Be jolly this season with your own Santa Hat! Perfect for parties or as a photo prop.

A Party Studio: Love elephants? Have a birthday party coming up? This collection is totally adorable!

Rag Bag Artistry - Unique Scarf: Air Sewn Quilted Ribbon Fibers in Green and Red Christmas Fashion Yarns

Sweet Emmie Bowtique-- The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play, but I put in these bows and had fun anyway! Thing 1 & Thing 2 pigtail set are sure to bring a little trouble and fun!

Adri's Adorables - Does your little turkey need a Thanksgiving day bib? Check out the selection at Adri's Adorables:

  StrictlyCute - Beautiful shabby chic jewelry box

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