Thursday, November 22, 2012

Holiday Discount Directory ETSY SHOPs

This year I plan on featuring different shops once a week, in a holiday discount directory.
I know my shop does not hold the gift for everyone but you should still be able to save money while spending money on others. This past weekend I held a raffle for shops on etsy to have a spotlight feature. Do not fret those that are on a team with me,  I will do a feature that will send people to the discount lists for the teams on etsy that I am on. I can not feature eveyone at one time, I would not get anything done at my house.
So without further a do, for this week's winner's are:
Be sure to check their shop announcements or contact the shop owners if you can't seem to get the code to work. It maybe etsy overwhelmed with sales. They will be glad to work with you.
Blast Out Friday will return after Thanksgiving which is seperate from the Holiday Discount Directory. Next Feature...non etsy shops

Friday, November 9, 2012

Blast Out Friday 11 9 2012

Great Blog Reads
Today's Twitter, Pinterest, and Wanelo Tree
This is an awesome tool, to drive business to you online shops.
As in life, there are rules also to follow for participating, a lovely group of ladies and gentlemen that participate three times a week.
Treasuries of Gift Guides for this Holiday Season
BNS (BUY N STAY) for those looking for one
BNR (BUY N REPLACE) for those looking for one
Retractable Badge Reel - United States Marine Corps - USMC - Eagle Globe and Anchor - Badge Holder - Licensed Hobbyist - Swivel Clip
Red White Blue Stars Bobby Pin Set
Christmas Tree Pin Brooch Jewelry Santa Wreath Heart
Purple Flower Fascinator Headband
Hunter Green Fingerless Gloves and Neck Warmer set w/ Vintage Buttons
Cthulustache Mug Cozie
EPAcK International
For more information on how to participate in blast out friday please contact
Coming soon shops of the week feature..
do you know of an online shop needing exposure, a shop that goes out their way to help others, or a shop that is designed to raise funds for a charity?
Taking Nominations now for the new feature for blast out friday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thank you Tuesday

Thank you, to everyone who has patiently waited for our little creator, to finish the half marathon training, and actually do the half marathon.
We are proud to announce that our creator,not only finished the training but completed the Bass Pro Shop Cohick Half Marathon on Sunday November 4th, 2012. It took 2 hours 54 minutes 48 seconds to complete. This is with an injuried foot that still isn't happy about running to walking then running full speed ahead just to finish.
The creator is currently RESTING. This means hydrating stretching out the latic acid build up and literarily sleeping during the day.
Please leave some love in the comments to let her know how proud of her you are. It would mean a bunch to her right now.
We want to thank all the shops on etsy that have featured her items in a treasury since Saturday.
Listed below are all the great treasuries of gift guides for the holiday season that we are currently in.
Please click and see each one if you can.
If we missed anyone, we apologize we are going off a list created by our little runner who is exhaugsted and half here. She says to tell yah, a big fat THANK YOU!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blast Out Friday 11 2 2012

(if you signed up to be featured and do not see your name on the list, please give us the entire Friday to update the blog with your information, thanks! )
Great Blog Readers
Treasuries of Gift Guides
Wedding Favor- Personalized Hershey Kiss Labels in Purple and Grey- Print your own
Black Flower Silver Polka DOT Confenti Alligator Clip
Little Tikes Red Rocket Rocker Ride-On Shuttle Airplane~FED-EX ONLY!!
Purple Flower Fascinator Headband
Sports Towel
Lips: 8x10 - Mixed Media - Collage Art
Awareness Ribbon Machine Embroidery Earrings
Personalized Retractable Badge Holder
Merry Christmas Cheer Ponytail Streamer
DIY Facial and Body Scrub Kit Unscent
For more information on how to be included on the Blast Out Friday Master Directory please contact the shop at