Friday, October 28, 2011

Blast Out Friday October 28, 2011

bebOWutiful- Adorable Christmas Korkers! Want other colors? We take custom orders!

Bring a little sunshine with this pretty yellow jewelry box

Dell Cove Spices - Make your Christmas parties sparkle with our red & green Cocktail Rim Sugars kit!

 Beautiful Swag Store - Top of your holiday season with this perfectly Christmas winter red rose with long red veil to give that classic simple elegant look without much work
use AFTERSHOWSALE for 75% off buy more than one item and shipping per item is 50 cents

Makes a great photography prop!
This shop is running a 15% off sale for a limited time. Contact them for more details.

 Blue Eyed Blessings - You or your little blessing is sure to be a show stopper with this stunning hair bow and headband combo! Pink, Green & White HAND WEAVED Headband with Hair Bow (3 in 1 bow
Caprica Accessories - Sweet and adorable pink, strawberry cake necklace! Handmade with love


Adri's Adorables - Thinking Christmas yet? This Large Crayola Washable 8-Crayon Roll makes a perfect stocking-stuffer. More fabrics to come...custom orders welcome! 

RagBagArtistry - Gothic Halloween mini top hat with black rose and Steampunk keyhole. Expedited shipping available!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wednesday Whisper Google Plus Tutorial

If you have a gmail account you will want to regrister for this service. It is a combination of services like facebook, and stumble upon put together. No need to download software tool bar or have seperate log in for keeping up with social networking circles. Plus, you can direct your posts to one set of people, a big group, or to the entire internet. This is not a feature available for facebook or myspace pages.

So here we go.

Here is the the general sign in for gmail.

**note I can't give a picture of the exact screen shot for first time users only directions of what to do**

once you sign you should see this screen

look in the left hand corner of the screen there is a + key with either your name or +me.
Click this button. If you are not regristered you should pull up a profile page(s) and/or circle page depending how far you got originally. Fill in the information you feel comfortable putting in there. Google wants your full name currently not your shop name, they are going to be changing that in a few weeks. Their policy and quality control settings have not yet been updated. When I hear about it updating I will post a blog and g+ what I find in g+ as well.

Here's a shot of my profile pages to give an idea of what to look for.

Once you have filled the profile sections out you can go to  this the stream page by clicking the stream button. Here is what the stream page looks like below.
Once on the stream page you can leave messages for the entire public or just for a specific circle.
type a test message like hello g+ and look at what pops down.
Do you see the drop down box that says public or choose circles? click choose the circle or click public to mess around with it. If you you choose a circle delete public button by moving the cursor over the public box and click delete. now hit enter.

Okay everyone wants to know the big deal about the g+.  The G+ plus button is like the like or dislike button in stumble upon  site without having to go into stumble upon. No this does not regrister as a stumble upon review but it does kick up  what ever topic you just g+ in the google search engine and possibly the yahoo search engine. (Rumor has it yahoo and google are joing forces but no confirmed information yet).
Yes this is a repeat screen shot but if you look closely it shows all the g+ pages I have done from blogs to g+ postings.

Why do this? Simplify your life while doing all the social networking to promote yourself or business. I can't stand having multiple windows open it slows down internet explorer, firefox, etc.

You don't even have to open g+ to post there either.

Check out the screen shot of signing in to gmail in the right hand corner.

You see that little square box little up? They says I have notifications of people either posting to a g+ post or g+ my post. Next to this box is a rectangular box with the word share in it. click it.

Look at the drop down no double windowing like we are doing with our other social media sites. All in one. Simple Clean and easy. Why wouldn't you want to do that with the use of  your time better in our already heck schedules?

It makes so easy on promotions days like for etsy promofrenzy team, etsy bofriday, or zibbet bofriday.

I simply copy paste said links, type a little something something, click public and hit enter. Bam I have just promoted that person and used my time efficently as well. the simpler the post the more people seem to g+ or leave a comment on that post. Yes, a thumbnail does pop with the post as well just like facebook and stumble upon. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mega Sale for Beautiful Swag Store

In light of the disasterous fashion show event, we were a part of. We are having a major 75% off sale on both shop locations. Many items are less than a dollar now. You will have to pay shipping but, with prices this low mark off your christmas shopping before the crazy rush starts.

Help me clear out my inventory as at the end of November 2011 we will  be moving across the country again.

The sale is good through November 15th 2011 giving you plenty of time to get your order in.

75% off has already been taken off at beautifulswagstore 75% off

use AFTERSHOWSALE 75% off  the entire store at the etsy location .

If you have another handmade shop, and help promote our shop during the sale. We will post your button for free for one year adverstising your shop. Remember it must be family friendly.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lessons Learned from my recent fashion show..

As many of you know, I have been consumed by a Moulin Rouge theme fashion show at a local venue for local small businesses. This was suppose to be fun. It was suppose to be simple. It was suppose to be money making for me. Not as much as I would have made via online but still money making. As, I type this post for you, I am in debt of $30.00 for supplies, gas to get supplies, and listing fees on etsy.

I have learned many things from this experience in my business. Let me share them with you below. Also below the lesson is a shop's new policy to ensure that it is not a nightmare for me as a custom hair accessory maker.

a. Get everything in writing in a simple formal contract. No matter what the other side promises.

****New Shop Policy: All events like fashion shows, fundraisers, and school sponsored events will have a sign contract between myself and the other party specificing what exactly will be done by both parties.

b. If you hear old money and new money be prepared for drama and conflicts that don't involve you or what you are doing in the show. Seriously, folks can we all get along?

c. If the event is a themed event and needs samples of examples of what they would like them to wear make sure you get the other side to pay for the samples even if it is to cover the cost of supplies.

****New shop Policy: All venues wanting sample pieces for examples of style, will be required to make payment in full before the samples are made. I can't resell the samples off themed events. The samples are yours to keep and to do with as you please.

d. Be sure that the event coordinator has already established a social media links for adversting via social media. If they do not have this at the time of the consultation, then make sure you get it in writing that one must be provided by a certain date or else you the vendor get to pull out with any fees, penalities, or fee of a law suit  later on down the road.

*****New Shop Policy: If you are a coordinator of an event and would like the shop to vendor at your event, please have a link for social media blasting either by or with five days after our consultation or else we will not be able to partake in your event.

e. If you keep hearing things like this is more a marketing thing than a making money thing, know up front that you probably won't make any money on this event. Don't stress yourself out on making a bunch of inventory that probably won't sell.

****** New Shop Policy: If you are simply doing a marketing event, we will provide business cards, fliers, and photos of our product but we will not leave our product unattended at your event. The only expection to this policy is if you have paid for in full sample products for you to exhibit.

f. If the event organizes seem iffy or fidigity on on issues, make sure they understand that if they don't get your demands meet by a certain time, you will not be showing up at the event. Set Goal Deadlines. If goal deadlines are not meet then don't partake in the event.

**This refers to again the first new policy from my lessons learned. Get everything in writing.****

g. Team up with another vendor working the show. They can help you out by watching your back or alerting you to problems so you can resolve them before they keep you from not being able to do a vendoring event

h. be sure to have a portable table and nice table clothe, even if they promise you a table they may over book and not provide you one.

g. just because you didn't pay money for a spot, doesn't give the venue sponsoring an event the right to walk all over you. Stand up for yourself..put everything in writing.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Whisper is a Shout Out

A year ago, i started my online business. I didn't have hardly any followerers any where. One day I was notified of a new follower. Webselling4u.

This follower is awesome for handmade artistans. He runs a non-profit website called He followed me and his wife followed me. The two of them are awesome. If you need some for your website he provides an awesome service. I sent an email to him about his services. This is his reply to me for this post.

"To get my attention, you can DM, convo me in Etsy, ( or send a message from my site (  I don't publish my email address so it doesn't get picked up by spammers but when I respond to a message you can email me back.
I've been doing websites for 10+ years, programming for over forty, Tweeting for two or three years and grudgingly on Facebook for about the same amount of time.
As for what not to do in a tweet, even though I use Twitter to get my message out, I detest spamming.  If I use your @twittername in a tweet, it will be to RT something you said, or to give you a shout-out such as a #FollowFriday suggestion.  In short, if I mention you, it will be to promote you in the hopes that you will return the favor.  I will never say "Hey @username, check out this site" unless I accidentally RT someone who did that.  I try to avoid it at all costs.  Of course I might say "Hey @username, long time no see... how are you?"
I try to spend an hour a day catching up on my tweets, thanking those that mention me, answering tweets etc.  I must admit that I almost never get through them all but I do read all the DMs at least every other day.
I also randomly RT people who use certain keywords and if you thank me for that, I usually follow you.  I always follow back but may block people for spamming or language/graphics that, in my opinion, may reflect poorly on me or my clients.
I originally started tweeting because it is free and it seemed to be a good way to get people to my sites.  I still use it for that but now I have more business than I can keep up with and am not taking on new projects at the moment.  Mostly, I use it to promote my wife's shop ( and the sites of friends and clients.
I look at it like a large newspaper, not the Wall Street Journal but more like the local Shopper's Guide.  Many people use it to sell things, post public service announcements, or even announce what they had for lunch.  If you don't like what someone is posting, ignore them... I love Twitter although it can be addictive and suck up a great deal of time."

He often retweets many etsy shop owners/ followers never asking anything in return. I say this...he does take donations for his service. So, since we have all benefited from his generous retweets, shoutouts, followfridays etc. Let's do something nice for this gentlemen and his wife. Let's donate to his website.

When my twitter account got hacked, I notified him of this and he was very helpful and unblocked me. He is also making sure that if any more weird tweets come from twitter account to let me know.

Thank you to Webselling4u!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Blast Out Friday October 14, 2011

Rag Bag Artistry - Air Sewn Ribbon Scarf - Try Halloween webbing in Fashion format

Brighten your home office by using these brilliant blue and pumpkin orange 1/2" fabric pushpins

The Blue Lantern - Scary Halloween Illustration - The perfect addition to your Halloween decor!

Pedaling Designs - A perfect personalized gift for fashionistas...Ikat Calling Cards

Goodies By Greiner-Completely finished Scrapbook...ready for you to just add pictures!!! Everything is done all you have to do is make it your own!!!

CapricaAccessories - Totally kawaii necklace with a romantic sweetheart pendant! Only $15!

love halloween and the creepy crawlie..check this hair bobby pins out.geenie-spider-hair-pins
please note that this shop has a 50% off coupon code of MOULINROUGE good through Saturday October 22nd 2011. So buy more than one

 Complete your Halloween outfit now

 Blue Eyed Blessings - Hot Pink & Yellow Flower Power Hair Bow: SUPER BRIGHT Multi Layered Hair bow

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mega Sale Through Saturday October 22nd 2011

In light of some things that are not happening in the fashion, I am invovled I am offerring you the same discount the models, and employees of this function will receive should they order.

MOULINROUGE  at the etsy location for 50% off...please if you can order..


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedensday Whispers..10 12 2011

 A few weeks ago I joined a new team called promofrenzy. They totally helped me get my business going again.Not only that, but gave me the courage to apply for a local fashion show. Twice a week they do a feature item and everyone promotes that. Well, since, I am having software intergration issues with this stumblr tool bar and explorer. I tried several different formats. Doing a gift guide based on this groups listings or doing an interview of the person above me instead. After several attempts, to get a shop above me to respond this is the shop that is being reviewed this week.  Since the fashion will be eatting up most of my time in the next week, I will have to post pone doing a gift guide or a interview on a the shop above me..

When I was in high school, I started doing stained glass projects occasionaly with my dear Mother, who is a very talented glass artist that works in large commission pieces. I picked it back up a few years ago, and enjoy making small pieces,like the ones I feature in my Etsy shop. I absolutely love the colors and textures of glass, as well as the unlimited possibilities!

  I wouldn't say I am where I want to be with my Etsy store yet by a long stretch. I think it is important to have a unique brand that stands out from the crowd. I also think it is good to have a large enough inventory that gives shoppers a better selection. You also hear this a lot, but photos need to be impeccable! When you look through some of the more successful shops, they have a unique line of items and high quality consistant photographs. I definitely fall short in the consistant photos....I end up taking pictures in all different places depending on the lighting. My shop has a pretty scattered composition...but maybe that is just me!
My favorite holiday......I think Easter is one of my favorite. Our family has a great tradition of Easter Egg dyeing and a family egg contest, and I love to watch the kids hunt for the eggs.

To see more of my associates work please click the link below.

If you are interested in having an interview done please convo me in about a week. I know where are the original questions..well hmm.. good question. i think they got lost in translation in the internet.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Blast Out Friday October 7th, 2011

Simply Shop|323 - Think OOAK! Fun Violeta Floral Chain-Ribbon Necklace  use coupon code 15off / 15%off!

Adri's Adorables - Your friends will marvel at your adorable little one whenever they wear this reversible snap bib!

Goodies By Greiner: Thank YoU! What a great pair of cards for saying "Thank You" this fall! Wonderful fall colors and just handy enough to use all year through!

The Blue Lantern - Christmas Bath Pouf Perfect for using with shower gels.
Makes a great gift!

Baby Dust Boutique - Children's Viking Hat with Braids great for Halloween and warmth all winter

Kindred Scents Candles- Just in time for the holidays Cinnamon Styx Soy Candle

Caprica Accessories - Kawaii japanese onigiri phone charm

Beautiful Swag Store-Just don't sing the christmas carol wear it as well.
Perfect for everyday or for the gym sweating it out.

Pink & Brown Polka Dotted HAND WEAVED Headband with Hair Bow (3 in 1 bow) - Your little blessing will look adorable in this verstile headband/hair bow/combo set!!