Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 03 Moving Count Down

Okay much much closer to my goal of being completely packed by the time dh gets back here.

1) Here is my dog as promised. I know you here me talk about her. Now you get to see a picture of her now that she is a year old. You will have to go back to earlier in the year to see older pup pictures.

2) Finish Kitchen, dining area, and living room

3) clean out van

4) Eat out

5) Promote for Thursday promotion and prepare for the BOFRIDAY Monthly sales fun Tomorrow

6) Ways my small business friends can help me move

a) I need 3 x 6 we moved cards for my kids to send to their friends after we move. If you can make about 15-20 that would be great..doesn't have to be on thick paper either standard printer paper is fine.

b) bracelet makers my kiddos broke a bracelet his grandmother made me out of white and blue crystal beads the other day. I didn't have the heart to tell them their great grandmother made it for me. So, if you could make two light blue and white that would be great standard size for an adult. I could put it in their stocking stuffers.

c) If you have a pattern for a purse/diaper tote that you wouldn't mind me having I'd appreciate it. I need a new purse but  can't find anything but a small diaper bag to fit my needs. I need to outside pockets for water bottles/snacks, six interior pockets (keys, phone, pens/pencils, notebook/nook, first aid kit, and a spot of chap stick). Must zipper close. If you don't feel comfortable letting have the pattern but have one made. I will test if for you gladly.

d) Design a flier promoting both my etsy and zibbet location, for me to print off and have approved by the new school district for disbutions (sP).

e) I need a few xs to s sized dog sweaters made for my dog. All of sudden most places don't make them. I normally make fleece or flannel dog blanket jackets but I can't do to the move. If you have one, I will test it on my diva dog.

Any of my small business friends that help in this way, I will review your items on my blog for you and put a button up on my side bar for a year of promotion for free.  Email me if you are interested


Debbie said...

your little fur baby is adorable and cute as she can be

you really have your hands full

beautiful swag store said...

thanks debbie. She is a sweet dog to own loves to cuddle and be spoiled. She will be travelling with my husband. The time in our rental has made her some what antisocial towards people.

Full I am going a little crazy at the moment

sweetybird09 said...

God bless you on the move!