Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 05 Moving Count Down

**One sale of five items from my etsy store. Thank you customer, I apologize for the high shipping but fabric goes by weight not yardage to ship. Be Blessed my dear customer Be Blessed***

use CYBERSAVINGS2011 60% off   at the etsy location through dec 2nd 11:59 pm.

75% off moving sale prices already reduced at the zibbet store

Today's to do list:

1) Pay Medical Bill-done

2) Print out receipt and make copies-done

3) Print Out School Regristration Form and fill out-done

4) Repack/Pack last Boxes-done

5) Seal completed boxes -done

6) Finish button Rings -done

7) box rings for shipping-starting

8) ship order and rings-done

9) run-done

10) Laundry -starting

11) Call one of the utilities back give correct address for final bill

12) last minute christmas shopping for family-done

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