Thursday, September 29, 2011

blast out friday

beBOWutiful:Complete any Halloween outfit with this bow!

The Blue Lantern - Christmas Coasters - Set of Four
Make your holiday table warm and inviting

Simply Shop|323--Elegant-paradies-pearl-earrings to add to your fall wardrobe!
Coupon Code: 15off (15%off)

Blue Eyed Blessings: Get ready for Christmas with a hair bow for your little blessing!! Elegant Black and Silver Christmas Tree Hair Bow

 Beautiful Swag Store- Need something in school colors, work colors, or just love blue white and yellow orange.

Caprica accessories - Kawaii cabochon sweetheart necklace! Adorably playful

Ellabuginspired: Orange Pumpkin Bow on clip, perfect way for your little bug to show her Halloween spirit!

Strickly Cute Creations - The perfect place for your summer memories is in this pretty mini scrapbook album
Please head on over to these treasuries..they have a savings coded for the stores listed.

Dear Google Plus Name Policy

Please unsuspend my account. Everyone knows me by my store name. They do not look for my normal name. They refer to me as beautiful, swag, or bs store. Not having google plus under my business in the profile hurting my ability to use your social media and respond to comments concerning my twitter problems or post about how my marathon training is going. I have many friends from the handmade community that refuse to use facebook but use google plus.

I have tried using my first name then store name or store name then first name nothing is being taken in your system. Please resolve this quickly and efficently.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday Whispers...

It's that time again. It's time for handmade wednesday at my friend's blog.
All you have to do is follow the link to her blog, follow instructions on her blog, and you have just adverstised your shop and blog for free.

So for all that don't know about my crazy special good until this Friday at 11:59 pm. I have a 45% off code for my store on any item, and some items have free shipping as well. The code is DIAMONDBACKS. For more information on why for the sale click the link below

If many haven't heard, I scored a fashion to make hair accessories and have a vendor table for the month of October 2011. A lot of the pieces that will be going into the shop over the next several weeks are for the models or anyone else to purchase. The models of course are receiving a BIG DISCOUNT versus normal customers for them partaking in the fashion show.
If you haven't seen these pieces yet head on over to the shop look for pieces with titles of Moulin Rouge, Danse Macrage, Vogue, or Las Vegas Show.

I got a sale on one of my homecoming headbands. Just scroll below to see which one.

Many of you are wondering where my gift guide is for the promofrenzy team this week. I was going to try something different and interview the person above me. Knock knock...anybody home from that shop? Still waiting on the shops reply to do the interview. So, if you are on my promofrenzy team, check your convo box tomorrow for a convo from me. I need it back asap!!

Gift guides should be be back up next week, as I am testing out the interview process.

What's white and red? What's for a birthday for a family member? He heeee My newest creation of course not yet complete.

Don't forget to head on over to my I have many items that are not listed in my esty shop over there!

I have been featured in the bluebird daily check it out!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Light Pink Rose Headband Sold

Has sold and no longer available!
Happy homecoming to the homecoming girl that will be receving this!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moulin Rouge Inspired Pieces

Handwrapped plastic headband in cherry red satin ribbon, two red roses, 1 black rose, red aylric gems, red and black veil material, and three white feathers.

Two Prong Metal Alligator Clip with two red desert roses, red aylric gem, white aylric gems, two white feathers, and red veil material.

Red and White Hawaiin Orchads, yellow/orange aylric gems, red veil material, white lace elastic, and pink sewable velcro for a wrist corsage.

Black and White rose, white aylric gems, and black veil hair bobby pin.

Black and White roses, white aylric gems, white feather, black elastic headband, and black veil material.

If you like this a lot, Please promote this via social media. I'd appreciate it. I have done this as sample pieces for a meeting tomorrow morning. I'd love some feed back or just to see some love.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Celebration of...

MLB Diamondbacks winning the NL West Championship title tonight. I am offerring a 45% discount code of DIAMONDBACKS at check out at my beautifulswagstore etsy location for one week.

Let's give a cheer for our baseball team ARIZONA!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Blast Out Friday September 23, 2011

The Blue Lantern: Get your baby ready for football season with this adorable football hat.

EllaBugInspired- Halloween Tutu and Headband Set for your Little Bug!

 Pedaling Designs - Kid's Personlized Stationary for you little Fisherman! A personalized gift is always a perfect gift!

Goodies By Greiner-In need of a simple "FALL HANGING" then you'll love this 8 x 10 canvas sign! It's ready to go, just in time for your fall decor!

Kindred Scents Soy Candles- Just in time for Autumn...Pumkin Pie Spice Soy Tart Melts.

 Blue Eyed Blessings - Red, White & Blue HAND WEAVED Headband with Hair Bow (3 in 1 bow) - You get THREE hair bows in ONE!!

Beautiful swag Store-Polka Dots and Stitches Bows perfect for putting in pig tails

A Party Studio- Superman personalized hang tags. Perfect for your little superhero's party favors!

Felt Dress Up Doll Play Mat - quiet and portable imaginative play

Caprica Accessories - Barbie pink, lollypop glitter ring! Have some fun with your accessories!