Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 07 Moving count down

Okay today is literarily seven days until the big move. Sigh, not much has sold from the store this much.

1) If you are looking for gifts other than what my store offers, please check out this today sunday-shopping-spree Yes, beautiful swag store is featured along with many other handmade artistains as well. Tired of the crowds, tired of the mad dashing from store to store? Then come click the link here, shop from the comfort of your home, find many discounts of free shopping or 15-50% off the listed price depending on the item from the shop or receive any free item if you purchase an ____ amount.

2) pack or repack items

3) Clean kitchen (done)  and both bathrooms

4) Confirm cut off dates for utilities with DH.

5) Take out trash-done

6) wash dog

7) make to do list for Monday and tuesday

8) Release Cyber Monday sales code in seperate post

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