Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 21 Moving count and Jewelry Store Review

Today is Sunday, one week down and two more weeks to go before the big move. This week we have two event going on, one a going away party, and a garage sale at the rental area for all tenants who want to see. The store will be downstairs selling bows and stuff.

1) rest -until I discovered my monkeys trashed the kitchen and living room area. This was not what I expected for a Sunday of resting. Then we had to clean up.

2) carry stuff down stairs still -cancelled due to rain didn't want to hurt myself going down the stairs

3) continue playing uno with my family -cancelled round three due to the dirty kitchen and living area.

4) REview this awesome store! See below:

is a jewelry located on etsy. It offers a large selection of jewelry options for the person you are looking for.
I found this store a few months during a free handmade blog adversting event.
I have been meaning to do a review of their shop.
Above is a pair of earrings that caught my eye right off the bat.

Here is a bracelet that caught my eye as well.

Here is a necklace that caught my eye as well.

Here is a link to the shop's blog:

One blog is for their shop and one promotes other artist.
Hop on over to their shop to check out their stuff.

I feel bad that this was not posted sooner. I have been so consumed with a show that was bust in October 2011. Now, I am in a mad dash to sell off my own product in my store, pack up my entire house before December 2011, and have it clean. My apologizies to this awesome store.


MagicByLeah said...

Wow you sure are a busy woman.
I really admire how you can manage to prepare for a big move, take care of the kids, your shop, AND still find the time to help promote others


Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Lots going on in a short tiem... take care!

Linda B said...

Time is something we all need more of. Pretty finds.