Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 18 Moving Count Fundraising Day

Today is my kids current school fundraiser. Normally, I voluntary to in things like this, however, this year I can not. There are several reasons, time management, school politics, and to do lists. If this seems a little judgemental, I am sorry. I do not do judge because I normally get the red letter in situations even if I am not at fault. I just don't have time to do kissing up to others currently. I have to get ready to move. The only thing I have time for is customer orders, packing, cleaning, my kids, and going away party.

Today's To Do List:

1)  Re-pricing products -done
2) More laundry -started
3) Pack the kitchen spices
4) Make Grocery List-done
5) Run -3.78 miles
6) Correct a kiddos grammical errors for a project -done
7) uno-done
8) Don't forget to visit this link to find all the shop participating in the TREASURE HUNT sale


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Good luck with all that.

magdamagda fashion said...

Busy busy! I'm addicted to "to do" lists! Good luck with yours!

magdamagda fashion said...

Oh and stop by for cake anytime;) Ok, maybe tell me one hour before you do so that I have time to make it:D

vintagebyrachel said...

This is what it means: Super Woman :)

MagicByLeah said...

wow, you continue to impress me

besides, if your kids are leaving the school then you're 'excused' from helping out?

petite hermine said...

Like how you still have energy to run 3.78 miles!