Monday, August 29, 2011

Update Sales Codes for the Super Sale

Yellow Flowers Bling Center SetClip In Baby Bear Ears Pick Your Color Set of 4 Straw Hats
Gift Quality...Try a facial Scrubbie...soft cottonPotholder Trivet Set in Blue & YellowIndian summer Ribbon

2 Medium Candles 20 dollars SALEGinger, Lime, Verbena hot process soap super sudsy.Necklace Pendant  Swarovski Crystal AB crystal snowflake

Baby's traditional yellow lacy matinee jacketChilds Halloween T-shirtPuppy Purse /Cool Mesh / Sz Sm

Mario POWER STAR handmade earrings2 Legend of Zelda triforce perler bead bobby pinsWood Star

Here are the new codes for all the stores as well.

SQUIRRELSTOCK - NOMIN5 for 5%off and LOVEBNS for 10%off (over $5.00)
FOURTEEN77 – limited time SALE section in shop
SHANEYZ – BNR20 for 20%
TONEBELLE – THANKS15 for 15% off
STITCH3D – BNR10 for 10%
BEAUTIFULSWAGSTORE - BNSLIVE 35% off with free first class shipping to us and canadian residents
GUALTIEM – BNR10 for 10%

Cherished Bliss PDF Pattern Lucy Rose Review

The Lucy Rose PDF Pattern

I hear the oohies and ahhies already. I love the photograph work! Seriously, it makes me want to have another baby.

So, this is the photo for the Lucy Rose PDF pattern by Cherished Bliss.

She had put feelers out into the cyber community a few months ago for testers on her patterns.

She got busy. I got busy. Kids, electronic devices, and email addresses disappear due to the little fingers with a button titled delete; is always an exciting time in our households. ***Note kids don't always get that delete isn't a good thing** Enough about the kids onto the project at hand.

So, when I first got the patten, I have to be honest I almost cried. I have instructions to make fabric roseittas. They didn't turn out at all. Actually, if it were a class on making them originally, I would have failed with a big fat F.

I can't get the photos of me making the second round of roseittas for the review. They stuck on my cell phone which is down until Friday when I get more minutes added to it and duck tape to keep the battery in place. I lost the back to it and ran out of minutes all in the same day. Yes, folks that's the honest truth!

I do have photos of the finished product though.

I know a little big. Though the fabric, hot glue, and I were having a little war for about three hours to make these all. If I were better at making them then it would be less time consuming. Time doesn't matter to me not when I show you the final results and the fact many girls at the school are jealous of my kids because of their hair gear.

Now after following instructions in the pattern here is the fininshed product.

The only thing different about my headband and the instructional one is the button is on the inside. Not the outside. No feathers. I had to consider where it was being worn too. School, other kids have to be able to see the board whither it be a chalk board, a dry erease board, or an actual smart board.

I also sewed the sems flat verses having that thick sem.
***Note using three big roseittas make it heavy for the older children. Keep to two only***

I made one per the instruction shown below. I made one like a standard headband.
Both are super cute. Both are original per the child.
I will be having a custom order section available for the per instruction headband in the
I have Ashley's permission to do so. 

Okay at first, I couldn't find the elastic lace band at my local watering hole for supplies.
Waving a big hello to Ms. Judy and Ms. Cheryl in the craft department. Wonderful ladies.

So, I came up with alternative design based on the pattern instructions. These supplies where about $4.50 for at least over six headbands if you use clearance supplies. Did I ever tell you, that I am master at finding clearance sales. The supplies for the Lucy Rose using clearance products and regular price was about $6.50. I do have material left over for more from both stashes.

I have five more ready for sale in the shops.
Keep watching the store fronts this week for these. They have really big flowers!
Lucy Rose Based Design Headbands

Lucy Rose Based Design Headband
Unforunately, all plans for my kids to where these to school today where thrown out the door like yesterday's trash. We have allergy attacks turning into sinus infections, ear infections, and hopefully no bronchitis! It will mess up the soccer season.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Supersale on Etsy with Super Discounts Only Today

Today only at this link, you will find the shops listed below with massive deals that expire at 11:59 pm including this shop. Click the link to find the products you are looking for now before the big christmas rush! Shown below are just a few of the products available. Two sales already.

Wine Charms Fun Cocktail Assortment set of 5 Cherry the Little Amigurumi Hedgehog embroidered kitchen towel with green peppersLegend of Zelda Life Heart Earrings Cherry Vanilla handmade vegan soap -with a nutty CrUnch Beautiful artisan bar soapsCasino Playing CardsChristmas Crochet 5 petal Flowers in Green and WhiteANY SIZE toad gerber onesie YOU pick color
Diaper Stacker in pink and green John DeereDishcloth Not Your Granny's in Christmas ColorsInspire Green and Black Beaded Bracelet
Medium Candle - over 50 scents to choose fromHand knitted apple cozy.Gingerbread Heart Dog Toy
Green leaves glass beads Please be aware that the discount codes will change as of midnight. Not as big of saving as of today but still better than what most shops have going on right now.

Here are today's deals list:

CRAFTHEART – 50% OFF any SCARF with coupon code SCARFITUP OR 15% off with FORMYBNR
SUPPLIESFROMTHEHEART – TWENTY to save 20% in my Christmas section
FOURTEEN77 - FREE shipping for purchase over $30 – to be refunded via paypal *mention ‘BNSsale’ in note to seller
SHANEYZ - SUPER30 for 30% off
STITCH3D - Melvin for 20% off
BEAUTIFULSWAGSTORE - SUPERSALE CODE FOR 55% OFF with free first class shipping to us and canada GEEKYGAMER - HOTOUTTHERE for Free Shipping on orders of $5.00 or more
GUALTIEM - AUG15 for 15%
SOAPFORTHESOUL - NEWSOUL for 20% off until midnight tonight
SQUIRRELSTOCK - SUPERSALE for 20%off (on order over $8.00)

sold***Angilicious Bookmark Set LE #1
Get your items you have been admiring or hearting on for a while now with the special discount code listed above!

Answering all the knock knock emails, twitter mgs, and facebook post in private message

As many of you know we have had a double birthday party in the last two weeks, family in town for the said birthday party, multiple dental and doctor appointments in that same two weeks.

I need massive prayer warriors at this point. Cover all the bases please. This is all that I can comment on, due to requests from my family to keep details private.

In the mean time, I had to create close to 100 decorated bobby pins with lulu flowers and bling centers.

All but two complete sets are given out to the guests that came. These remaining sets are reserved for a birthday attendee that could not make but will be giving a present.

Here see for your self what was created.
 These are being displayed on my blinds in the rental property.

It was the only way to keep the stored until we divided them up into groups for bagging.

These are the close ups of the items to give you an idea of the amount of  time and attention it took to make enough for over 20 girls in attendence. For the two boys that either came or gave gifts, they got slide whistles, and parachute men.

There is a grab bag available for purchase.The grab bag are bobby pins that did not have an exact match for the flower size or bobby pin size. I will be showing the listing somewhere I am not sure where at this time. You want it before I post it in either etsy, ebay, or zibbet. Email me at, shipping will be included in the price for US and Canadian residents only.

Here are the bobby pins left for sale!
Group Shot...

Okay these are different sized bobby pins and flowers in the first grab bag available for purchase.

Small purple Flower
 Larger purple flower
Two different shots of the item

 One small orange yellow flower.
Two different shots of the item.
 One larger blue flower
This is the only shot I could get of this item half way clear enough to see.
Small Blue flower.

These next ones are in seperate grab bag.

Yellow flowers with purple centers shown above and below.
Yellow flowers white and blue centers shown below.

Let me know if you would like to purchase head of me posting them in one of the shop fronts. I will give until tomorrow before posting in a shop front.