Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Bag Purses

These are the happy bags that I made for my kids party. I have three left over.
How does this affect you, you ask?
Well, I will be giving these away in the next few months in a contest.
The green and red polka dot bags have a fabric bow ponytail holder with coordinating bobby pins.
The blue daisy bags have coordinating fabric bow ponytail holders and bobby pins with those band ring one green and one blue.

This is a retail value of at least $12-15 a bag. For free..keep stopping by to check out the giveaway.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Now on Facebook

simply type in our email address. You can pull up specials listed exclusively at facebook.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now on Twitter

The user name is beautifulswagst at twitter.

Ladybug Grossgrain Bows

Grossgrain meduim sized bows. I have three of them for sale currently. $6.00 a piece or $12.00 for all three at one time.

Email beautifulswagstore@gmail.com for payment and shipping information.

Hannah Montanna Satin Ribbon Bow

This is a single satin ribbon. I got the ribbon on clearance at a store. They will no longer be carrying this ribbon. This is the only one have availabe for sale. $6.50 for this bow.

Email beautifulswagstore@gmail.com for payment and shipping information

Mini white and green bows

Gross grain bows available for sale. I have two green and one white bow. They are $3.50 each or $6.00 for all three.

Email beautifulswagstore@gmail.com for payment and shipping information

Small Pink and Green Polkadots and Swirl bows

Grossgrain ribbon made into small bows. I have six of them available for sale. $4.50 a piece or $15.00 for all six bows.

Email beautifulswagstore@gmail.com for payment and shipping information.

Double small bow with pink green dots and swirls

This is a grossgrain ribbon. It is a double small bow which means it has a large bow on the bottom and a smaller on top. $6.50 for this one.

Payment and Shipping information beautifulswagstore@gmail.com

Small Ladybug bows

These are made from cloth like tweed ribbon. They are almost a mini bow but not quit. These are my nieces favorite to wear. She says they are the perfect size. $4.50 a piece or $12.00 for all five at one time.

Payment and shipping information email beautifulswagstore@email.com

Rainbow single bows

Rainbow ribbow is a very stiff grossgrain material. I have three available for sale.
$5.00 a piece or all three $10.00.
For payment and shipping information please email beautifulswagstore@gmail.com

Ladybug Cheerleading Ponytail Holder

Grossgrain and Satin ribbon combo, I only have one available for sale, $4.00.

For payment and shipping information, email me at beautifulswagstore@gmail.com

Pink Camoflauge Cheerleader Ponytail

Grossgrain and satin ribbon combo, I only have estimated two of these available for sale. $4.00 a piece or $6.00 for both.
Payment and shipping information email me at beautifulswagstore@gmail.com .

Satin Purple Bow on a ponytail holder

This is a double bow on similar color ponytail holder. This is one of my kids favorites I have recently made. Get it while its hot, $4.00.
contact email beautifulswagstore@gmail.com

Rainbow Polka dot decoration ponytail holder

This is the only one left in stock. Its available for $4.50 plus shipping and handling. Again, email for details about payment and shipping options, beautifulswagstore@gmail.com.

Satin Pumpkin Fall Bows

2 available at  the address above. If link doesn't work let me know.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girls Hair Bows

This is what I made for family members for back to school.
Currently, I have the pumpkin small bows available for sale. They are single, satin bows. I have three for wearing on the left side of your head and four for wearing on the right side of the head. I will try to get the acutal bows up for display some time this week. The cost for two weeks only $5.00 for the first one and $4.50 for the second one.

You can contact me at beautifulswagstore@gmail.com

Welcome to the Beautiful Swag Store

This was created for me to expose' the craft/gift items I make to sell to others. I found it generally depressing to walk into a store lately and find nothing that would either fit into my budget or it would be worn by the gift receiver.

This will be the first place to catch all the newest things in the store before they go up for sale once the online store goes up.

This is currently a home based business. This way, I can keep my prices low enough to make it affordable for other moms.

Thanks for stopping by!!