Monday, January 30, 2012

Money Savings Monday

Do you eat lots of things like rice, pasta, and beans?

Then you need to buy it in bulk if you can. The larger quantities will last a long time, and you will not only save money on the over all per servings, and you will save on the gas used in your vechile running to the store on a weekly basis.

Do you need gatorade or powerage? Then buy the powerade not the premixed liquid in bottles. You are paying them for bottle, and for the water used in the bottle. Don't you have water coming out of your tap, or your water cooler purifier? Then that's good too. Plus, you can water it  down, so, its not so hard on your body to process the dye and sugar.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bofriday January 27th, 2012 #4

Blogs and Giveaways

Etsy Store Fronts

Pedaling Designs: Adorable 3 Inch Square Photo Valentines!! Hurry! Orders must be received by Feb. 4th!!! 3-inch-square-photo-valentines

Caprica Accessories: Looking for a delightfully sweet Valentines gift for your sweetheart? Check out this adorable candy heart shaped ring

Simply Shop|323 - Sincere Valentine GiftCoupon Code: 15OFF

! Warm & Toasty Glass Beaded Bracelet!

Blue Eyed Blessings - Pink, Brown & White Striped ADULT Ear Flaps Ski Cap Hat YOU will look gorgeous and stay warm in this hand crocheted hat!!

 Beautiful Swag Store - need a rose that will last longer than valentine's day? Need a rose that can be worn through out the year for most occasions?
**on Saturday 1 28 2012 is our 40% off sale, check our shop announcement for the coupon code name***

my pretty little bows and things-adorable crocheted hat with large contrasting flower

A Party Studio- Super cute personalized WILD ANIMAL water bottle wrappers for your next birthday party

Zibbet Store Fronts
My Heart is at Superstition Mountain Stone Pendant - Heart Shaped Rust Colored Stone
perfect for the valentine holiday coming up!
Sunshine and Blue Flowers Bracelet Cuff - polymer clay beads on yellow
nontraditional valentine gift. Very bright and cheery!
Fuschia Flower Feather Hat Pin
Looking for a Victorian Swag Fuschia Pink Style with a total modern twist to it?
Valentine Perfect Fuschia, come check out the shop's information on this product.
Meylah Store Fronts

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pre-Order Now!!!

Pre order this Valentine Fuschia Carnation Hair Clip today.

Only $7.00 USD  with free shipping for those with us shipping addresses.
All International orders must email the shop at before ordering, so, I can get a shipping quote for you.

This valentine pink is a limited quantity right now.

Once entered into a store front site, prices will go up!

 Pre Order this Valentine Fuschia Feather Hair Clip Now!

Only $11.00 USD with free shipping to those with a US shipping address.
Need more than one feather, add $0.25 cent per additional feather.

All international orders, please contact the shop at for a shipping quote, so, you can pay the correct amount


Monday, January 23, 2012

Money Saving Monday

So, this weekend, was not a good weekend for our house. My kids got the stomach flu starting on Thursday through Saturday. We could not get to a store to buy groceries for after we are doing being sick. The one treat I looked forward to every day was the flavored coffee creamer I buy as a daily treat for myself. Well, I basically ran out. To make it last longer until I could get to the store, I added my skim milk. It lasted until after my first cup of coffee this am. So, stretch that flavor just a tad bit more and save money in the process.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blast Out Friday #3 January 20th 2012


  Etsy Store Fronts
Adri's Adorables - Valentine's Day Baby Burp Clothes - 6 ply Gerber Gauze Weave

Sweet Emmie Bowtique-- We are READY for the rodeo! Whether you have one in your town or just like to look a little country, this bow will make her cowgirl hat obsolete!

Beautiful Swag Store - Are you a working mom? Are you in need of something with a grown up flare without the cost of driving around like crazy to find it? Want free shipping with that to boot? Then I have the perfect solution for you.

 A Party Studio- Does your little pilot love planes as well as helicopters? Then this is the perfect party invite!
Blue Eyed Blessings - SOCCER themed Black & White Polka Dots Boutique Bow -
 Your little soccer star will shine with this adorable SOCCER themed hair bow!

Danarailey - Kid Murals by Dana - NEW ITEM!!! "Year-Round Wreaths" Hang these 12" twine wrapped letters indoors or outdoors! Great housewarming and wedding gifts!

Meylah Store Fronts

moving detash, perfectly themed for valenetines!

Zibbet Store Fronts

Felted Wool Mittens with Fleece Lining in Navy & Cream

Silver Turtle Toekinis Barefoot Sandals of Green Turtle Grass

Chocolate Heart Valentine/Romantic Heart Set of 6

Valentines Day / Romantic Chocolate Covered Oreos 12

Cutie Travel Bug Pillow Case

TY 3 Card Set

Year-Round Wreath

Monday, January 16, 2012

Money Saving Monday

As many of you know, I run for excerise and race running races for charitable causes.

Part of a healthy diet is having healthy food, and extra vitamins on hand to take. In my search to stay within our budget of $300.00 a month for food for a family of four. I'm always on the search for good deals on food. Never ever turn your nose up at the discount stores or clearance freight stores. You might find a deal or too.

This past week I finally got to get out the freight clearnce store for our county. They sell top name bread that will be expiring within a week or a few days of purchase. To keep this bread longer, I fresh it. I only pay a $1.00 a loaf plus they carry english muffisns for a $1.00 as well. One package of english muffings and a dozen eggs feeds us for a few breakfasts.

I ran out of my vitamins for women and my extra vitamin D's as well. I found a 200ct of vitamin for women and a caluim + vitamin d with 100 ct bottle for a $1.00 a piece. Mind you, one of the was past their expiration however since it had not been openned. I knew the vitamins were okay to take after checking on line to be sure they were not made in china.  I only spent $2.00 but saved $18.00.

Its worth checking out your local discount stores because you never know what you are going to find.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blast Out Friday January 13th 2012 #2

Etsy Store Sites

danarailey - Kid Murals by Dana. 15% off sale continues on ANY Custom Wooden Letter Order through January. Use Coupon Code JANUARY2012SPECIAL. Also Check out the adorable custom Birthday hats for lil' ones! Great for 1st b-days!

Kindred Scents Candles - Pink Sugar Soy Tart Hearts

Great for valentines!

Pedaling Designs - New Item Just Listed This Week!

Sweet Emmie Bowtique-- Excited to add some delicate roses to the shop! 

Adri's Adorables - It's Friday the 13th...but have no fear, Batman is here!
DC Comics Batman Snap Baby Bib Baby Boy

 EllaBugInspired- Adorable Valentine's Day Onesie for your little one to show off mommy & daddy's love

A Party Studio- Birthday party invite. Perfect for your little girl.

Simply Shop|323 - get 15%off (enter 15OFF at checkout!) In time for Valentines!

Beautiful Swag Store - Got a Winter Wonderland, Valentine Dance, or even a formal gathering to celebrate an engagement. Do you need a unique vintage style crosage? Come view this

Blue Eyed Blessings - White Baseball / Newsboy Hand Crocheted Hat (2T - 4T) - your little blessing will look adorable in this hat!

Meylah Store Fronts

Zibbet Store Fronts

Happy Togehter Quicksand Kit- TLC

Moving Detash- Unopenned complete Topline-Creations Quicksand kit

Happy Together Quicksand Kit

 Valentine Purple Feather Hair Pin
Valentine Purple Feather Hair Pin Set

Earrings- Citrine & Lampwork Dangles

Earrings Citirine Lampwork Dangling

Snowflake Obsidian Silver Wire Wrapped Pendant
Snowflake Obsidian Silverwire Pendant
Price reduction on this pendant

Custom Bee Wooden Letters

All Custom Wooden Letters now 15% off! Check them out on Zibbet NOW! Check out more at Kid Murals by Dana Railey on Facebook!

custom bee wooden letters by dana railey

Winter-themed His and Hers Hand Towels

Red Crochet Mary Jane Slippers

Red Crochet Mary Jane Slippers

Blog Shout Outs about Store Fronts:

***Got an item on store that is not named here? contact me and let me know you want to promote on Blast Out Friday. If you add an item after I post this, it will be added but later on in the day***