Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ahola Blue White Yellow Flowers for Dog and Owner Set

Now available in the etsy shop, free shipping even to Canada. Plus, check me out on twitter or facebook. There is a 30% off code floating around their that will be good until 6 /12 /11

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pink n White Polka Dot Ruffle Baby Girl Set L.E.

Secret Sale Code

Now available at twitter today or facebook tomorrow.

Twitter id: beautifulswagst

fb: click search for friends, click by email type in shop's email address beautifulswagstore@gmail.com look for store logo as profile picture, click as add friend then to wall to get sale  code for etsy.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Blog Follower Update

As of today, we have 39 followers to the swag store. This means we only need 61 new followers of the blogs before I give away the first sway bag. go Go go..get your friends family co workers to stop by and follow.

Memorial Day Weekend-Sunday

When I was little, I could not ever figure out why Memorial Day was so darn important. I attended the parades held in my mother's hometown. I watched as the wreath was laid by statue memorial for fallen soliders. I heard the "its finally over" sighs from bored adults to the comments its time for the backyard barbeque. When I was a little older, I actually marched in said parades, either playing an instrutment or carrying the bands banner as a cheer or pep squad fill in. Now, that I am that adult I don't think Memorial Day as boring or another weekend with the kids. I think of this weekend as a time to relax to be with my family, a time to say thank you for the sacrifices the military families and their spouses made for us. Most of all, to stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off and try to stop time from flying by.

I had someone ask me if I was going to have a sale this weekend. I had planned on it. Though I re-thought about it. I decided why compete, if I wait until after I might do better. This way I achieve two things possible sales, and staying with the relaxation mode I put in place.

If you are someone that I work on with a team, can you please promote the sale when I do have it this week thanks! The sale code will only be available through twitter and facebook.

New Giveaway....


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Coming Soon...

education down load files for reading compehension and writing skills. This is all based on the needs that I have for my kids. Grade level reading second through fourth grade. Affordable, convinent, perfect for homeschoolers, summer skills up keep and most off all knowing that it has been pre-tested on my own family as well.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blast Out Friday May 27th, 2011

Look for an pink yellow themed happies for a birthday party. Then this are so right now cue. They are old fashion pinwheels. Vintage style has never looked so good.

1) A Party Studio- Yellow and pink pinwheel wands are whimsical and fun. Use for party decorations and favors. www.etsy.com/listing/69389783 this item already sold..new items below
Looking for a dual purpose item. Not only to decorate but as a storage unit too. Look no further than this Spring flower Decor Storage Can. Not only is it dual purpose but it is also a green product. Meaning while decorating and storing, you are also recycling. It is vintage in style because it is an actual metal can not plastic. *free shipping


Looking for a little different of an bow for that special little girl or woman in your life. Look no further than this adorable  apple centered bow.


got that perfect hair accessory for the Memorial Day weekend and fourth of july but are missing that little handbag to match. Then here it is waiting for you to purchase it and give it a home.

Red, White and Blue Girl's Purse

You want the frosting without the calories. Then light up these candles once you have purchased them. They will give you that sweet buttercream smell without having to eat the frosting too.

KindredScentsCandles:Buttercream Soy Candle Tart Melts www.etsy.com/listing/74504011

Here is an awesome way to keep your kids occupied this summer other than being a mean parent and guardin by making them be responsible for their messes. Its the boredom block. They through it, they see what it lands on then they do it. Awesome creativity at work..
Sshhh don't tell my family then they will want one too!



Is your family  crafty, needing to occupy your time. Why not start on some teacher's gift or even better christmas gifst with these cermanic hearts! I am so getting good ideas for this summer.

Don't forget these neat idea for customers to become repeat by using special coupon on code cards on orders.

Use BNRSHIP for free shipping. www.etsy.com/listing/74784588


Looking for that perfect cupcake topper. Look no further than these awesome toppers by one of my wonderful shops listed her. I would have never thought of that. Go Girl Go!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Black N White Soccer Hair Set

You will get an bonus items in this set. Not shown is the matching shirt scrunchies made out of the same ribbon. They previously shown in previous posts.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hi Yeah!

To some of the parents from my family's school that are viewing my blog this evening or this week. If you think I can make something but don't see it. Email me. I will be glad to give something a try.

Be looking for special bookmarks that can't be lost when reading..yes folks it can be done.

Tuesday Coupons May 24th, 2011

Pet Products:

2-$2.00  off on one package of purina one brand dry dog food, any size, any variety Expire 6/21/2011
2-$2.00 off on one package of purina one brand dry cat food, any size, any variety Expire 6/21/2011

2-$1.00 off on any crunch n clean dogt biscuit or treat expires 6/30/11
2-$1.50 off on any two crunchn clean cat treats expires 6/30/11

2-$1.00 off on any one 1 bag of kibbles n bits brand dry dog food 4lbs or smaller expires 7/16/11
2-$1.50 off on any one 1 bag of kibbles n bits brand dry dog food 7.5 lbs  or larger expires 7/16/2011

2-$1.00 off on any one 1 milk-bone healthy favorites dog snacks expires 7/22/2011
2-$1.50 off on any two 2 milk bone dog snacks expires 7/22/2011

2-$1.00 off eighteen 18 3 oz cans of Fancy Feast Elgant Medleys, any variety expires 8/22/2011

2-$1.00 off on any bob evans sausage item expire 7/31/2011

2-$1.00 off on any one 1 package of King's Hawaiin Sandwich Buns expires 7/17/2011

2-$0.55 off on any real california dairy product that carries the real california milk or real california cheese seal expires 9/30/2011

2-$0.40 off when you purchase any size any flavor tabasco brand family of flavors expires 6/19/2011

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2-$0.55 off on one c&h sugar product 2 lbs or larger expires 7/31/2011

2-$0.40 off one 24 oz c&h organic  or 32 oz washed raw sugar expires 7/31/2011

2-$1.00 off three 18 oz sweet baby ray's barbeque sauce any flavor expires 6/30/2011

2-$1.00 off  three when you buy three boxes General Mills Cereal expires 7/2/2011

2-$1.00 off on three when you buy three any flavoer Hamburger Helper expires 7/16/2011

2-$0.50 off on two when you buy two boxes any flavor/variety of Betty Crocker Fruit shapes, Fruit by the foot, fruit gushers or fruit roll ups fruit flavored snacks expires 7/16/2011

2-$1.00 off Three pringles super stack cans (180g or larger) expires 6/30/2011

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expires 6/19/2011

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2-$2.00 off on any one enzymatic therapy probiotic pearls product expires 8/31/2011

Razors/shaving cream gel

2-$1.00 off on any one (1) schick razor or refill expires (excludes 2 ct disposables) expires 6/30/11

2-$0.55 off on any one (1) edge or skinmate gel product (excludes 2/75 oz cans) expires 6/30/11

Baby/Toddler Products:
2-$1.00 off on any one (1) playtex  cup ct or higher or mealtime item 2 ct or higher (excludes 1 ct plate or bowl) expires 6/30/11

These can be yours for $1.50 for processing (cut and ready to use)/shipping and handling (me mailing them to you). These are the coupons I can't use.

Thank you Arizona Diamondbacks!

Okay, Saturday we went to an Arizona Diamondback Game at Chase Field. They have a feature where you can tweet messages to your friends and family or fans of baseball. Mine got up there. Unforunately, I didn't have a good camera with me to get a photo of it.

My family went nuts. They were so excited to see the message. They thought it was cool! Thanks!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blog Follower Update

As of this am, I discovered there are 37 swag followers. Only 63 more are needed to get the first swag bag to be given away!

Classic Contemporary Country Girl Baby Girl L.E. 1

This is a baby gift set for a little girl. It combines both classic design with contemporary colors and design of the flower fabric with a country colors and design of the plaid fabric. Not only does baby girl get something but either the expecting mom or the big sister to be gets a headband to wear as so to coordinate either for an outing or for company coming over.

Double sided means i used two different but coordinating fabrics for the making of the item. Single sided means I uses only one fabric to make that item.

One double sided burp clother approximately 21 inches long by by 8 half inches wide
One double sided bib approximately 10 inches long by 9 inches wide with bib strapes 11 inches long by  1 and half inches wide
One single sided bib approximately 10 inches long by 9 inches wide with bib strapes 11 inches long by 1 and half inches wide
One single sided headband approximately 10 inches long by 2 and half inches wide with 8 inches of white elastic

The colors are perfect for almost every season of the year.

First Image is of the entire set, the second image is the double sided burp clothe, the third image is of the single sided bib, fourth image is of the double sided bib, and the fifth image is of the single sided headband.

*if you are placing an order from Canada, please let me know how to mark the custom ticket as to make customs check point smoother**       

Saturday, May 21, 2011

ArtFire ..

Blog contest.

1) I can't afford the monthly fee for a pro account. They allow me to post 10 items a month without charge or deactive said items. The other sites don't offer that..thank you artfire.

2) Their forums are still that forums. I don't have to bounce around forums and seperate areas to find answers. They are all still in one group area. Very user friendly.

3) When I can't get something to upload correctly some of the members have uploaded pictures for me in forum discussions without being asked too. Now, that's what I call team work. Go artfire sellers! You remember of living in the south..

4) I can find customer service information easily for any questions I have. I can speak with a live person not leaving a message in a forum and hope it doesn't get deleted or ignored. Thank you!

5) For me, its working with local company because they are located in the same state. They have a bumper sticker where I live that say live local, shop local, and buy local. I'm supporting my state community as well.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Phew! It's almost over...

the school year that is. I am currently working on several new items for the store. Hair Accessories with a black and white sports theme, more flowers but smaller and with a coordinating factor for those awesome pet owners, and of course sugar and spice everything nice contemporary country baby girl set with a coordinating hair accessory for the new mommy!

How awesome is that? Totally.

So, stay tuned for new product in the etsy shop really soon. The artfire will be update as well.

Blast out Friday***

Planning a party for girlie girls. This shop above has the perfect Happy Thank Yous' avaialble.

A Party Studio- Ribbon wands make fun and unique part favors! Kids love twirling them. www.etsy.com/listing/69140684

Sshh don't tell my kids, they will want me to buy them right now.

Looking for the perfect gift for that baby shower in which the couple has decided not to know the sex of the baby. Then the fairy tale baby gift set is just the thing for you from my own personal shop. It has unisex colors, and theme so, that no matter what pops out the expecting parents will be prepared on the bib, burp, and wash clothe end.

Are you the king or queen of sassiness? I know in my house I am. I would love to have a few of these sayings on my fridge. Though my two favorites are " I tried normal once... it just wasn't for me", or "next mood swing...5 minutes". 
Feeling a little Sassy?  Add some fun quotes to your life!

Oh la la so beautiful elegant, that they make me feel awesome just looking at them. Got an event coming up, graduation, wedding, birthday, opera then head on over to this shop to get this pair as your own.

Elegant Earrings great for Summer Weddings! www.etsy.com/listing/73248176

Got that sweet tooth rising like flood waters but in an enivorment that won't allow candy to be left out. Its a heart filled with candy, perfect for satisfying that sweet tooth urge without breaking any rules.

Candy Heart Ring - Full of real candy!  www.etsy.com/listing/73935126

Do have hetic Memorial Day weekend planned? You just realized that you don't have anything to coordinate with suzie's red white and blue outfit or your own. this perfect headband will not only work for Memorial Day Weekend but for Fourth of July as well. Come claim this as your own before somenone else does.

Little Miss Patriotic Headband~ This Little Beauty is ready for Memorial Day or anytime you're feeling Proud To Be American! I also carry other American hair accessories, all with FREE SHIPPING!!! www.etsy.com/listing/73580340

Looking for something to be a showstopper for your little one or maybe for yourself. Tried of the bright and cheerful spring colors. You want something classical with a contemporarily flare. Then is headband is it.
HAND WEAVED Black & White Headband with Matching Hair Bow

Newly Listed***

These are purple and white Hawaiin Flowers hair set. There are two bobby pins, one clip, and one ponytail with a purple bling center. How cool is this? Just in time for summer fun and school letting out.

Free shipping with this order $8.80. Live in Canada and are interested? I might be able to work something out to ship to you.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Giveaway for Free Jewelry


Tuesday/Thursday Coupons

2 -$1.00 off the purchase of anytwo (2) La Victoria products 12 oz or larger

Oscar Meyer:
2 - $1.00 off on 2 packages on any of Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs

1 -Free meal Dinner purchase any regular priced dinner entree and two beverages and receive the second dinner entree of equal or lesser value Free. Expires 6/30/11
1- 20% off Entire Guest Coupon (regular price menu items only) Expires
1-$3.00 off $15 off purchase  Get $3.00 off a $15.00 purchase (regular priced menu items only)
1-$5.00 off $20.00 purchase (regular price menu items only) Expire 6/30/11

Kids Toothpaste:
2 -$1.00 of any orajel children's toothpaste, teething, toothache, or moth sore product expires 8/31/2011
2- $0.75 off any sensodyne toothpaste or sensodyne iso active  foaming gel expire 8/14/2011
2-$1.00 off any sensodyne pronamel toothpaste expires 8/14/2011
2-$1.00 off any polident products (3 minute overnight whitening, partials or smokers) expire 8/26/2011
2-$1.00 off any super poligrip products (original, free, extra care with poliseal, utlra fresh, comfort seal strips or powder) Expire 6/26/2011
2-$1.00 off any aquafresh iso active foaming gel Expires 6/26/2012
2-$4.00 off luster 1 hour white expires 6/30/2011
2-$1.50 Luster Whtie 7 (power White or sensitive) expire 6/30/11
1-$0.75 on any cologate ProClinical Toothpaste Expire 6/4/11

2-$1.00 off on any arm & hammer spinbrush powered toothbursh or refill expire 7/31/2011
2-$1.00 off on any arm & hammer spinbrush globrush powered toothbrush expired 7/31/2011

1- $2.00 off One Olay Total Effects Facial Moisture or Facial cleaner (excludes trial size) 06/30/2011

2-$2.00 off one venus razor or Venus disposables  Razor Expire 6/30/2011
2-$2.00 off venus refill expire 6/30/2011

First Aide Products:
1- $1.00 off on the purchase of 2 johnson & johnson  red cross brand products expires 7/31/2011
1-$3.00 on the purchase on the purchase of any cortaind product expires 7/31/2011
1-$1.00 on the purchase of any bendadryl  topical products expires 7/31/2011
1-Free build your own first aid kit off buy any 3 johnson & johnson  red cross brand baind aid brand adhesive bandages, coratin, neosporin or benadryl topical products expire 9/30/2011
1-$1.00 off on the purchase of any neosporin lip health product expires 7/31/2011
1-$1.50 off on the purchase of 1 neosporin and 1 band aid brand adhesive bandages product expire 7/31/2011

Fingernail Products:
2 -$0.50 off on your purchase of any sally hansen nail color product 7/31/2011
2-$1.00 off on your purchase of any sally hansen lip or nail treatment product 7/31/2011
2-$1.00 off on any sally hansen beauty tool  purchase of $2.00 or more expires 7/31/2011

Deodorant/Shaving Cream:
2-Buy One Gillete Deoddorant Get One Gillete Deodorant Free Expires 6/30/2011
2-$2.00 One Gillete Body Wash (excluding trial size) expires 6/30/2011

2-$1.00 off on any sure anti-perspirant & deodorant product expires 06/30/2011

2-$1.00 off any two half gallons or larger of turkey hill drinks expires 8/15/2011

Kellogs Cereal:
2-$1.00 of any two packages  of Kellogs Forsted Mini Wheats and/or Kellogs Raisan Bran Cereal (14oz or larger, any flavor, mix or match) expire 6/26/2011
2-$1.00 off any three packages of Kellogs Cereals (8.7 or larger, any flavor, mix or match) expires 6/26/2011

Fiber supplement:
2-$3.00 off any 90 ct Friber Choice product expires 7/09/2011

Laundry Detergant:
2-$1.00 off any one (1) surf laundry detergant expires 6/26/2011
2-$2.00 off any one (1) surf laundry detergant expires 6/26/2011

Smores coupons:
2-$1.00 off when you buy one (1) Honeymaid Grahams (14oz or larger), one kraft jet puffed marshmallows (8oz or larger) and one Hershey milk cholocate (6 pack) expires 6/30/2011

Lotion/Body Wash/Suncreen
2-$3.00 off Nivea Happy Sensation Daily lotion (8.4-16.9 fl oz) expire 6/30/2011
2-$1.00 off Nivea Bodywash for Women (8.4-16.9 fl oz) Expire 6/30/2011
2-$3.00 off Nivea Goodbye Cellulite Product 2.5-6.7 0z  (Expires 6/26/2011)
2-$2.00 off Nivea Body Lotion 8,4 -13.5 fl oz (expires 6/26/20110

2-$1.50 off any Aveeno  sun protection product expires 07/31/2011
2-$3.00 off on any 2 AVeeno sun protection products expires 07/31/2011

Loreal Hair/Skin Products:
2-$1.00 off any eversleek, everpure, everstrong shampoo or conditioner expire 7/10/2011
2-$1.00 off any eversleek everpure, everstrong shampoo or conditioner expire 7/10/2011

2-$2.00 off any l'oreal haircolor product expire 7/10/2011
2-$5.00 off any two loreal haircolor product expire 7/10/2011

2-$1.00 off on any studio line styling product or loreal vive pro glossy style product expire 7/10/2011
2-$1.00 off on any loreal vive pro shampoo or conditioner expires 7/10/2011

2-$1.00 off on any loreal paris skincare product expires 7/10/2011
1-$1.00 off any loreal sublime bronze product expires 7/10/2011

2-$2.00 off on any one centrum sliver women's, centrum silver men, Centrum Women or Centrum Men's expire 8/7/2011
2-$5.00 off on any two centrum silver womens, centrum silver men's, or centrum womens or centrum mens (100 ct) expire 8/7/2011
2-$10.00 off on any two centrum silver womens, centrum silver mens, centrum women's or centrum men's (200 ct) expire 8/7/2011

2-$2.00 off on any one caltrate expires 8/22/2011
2-$30.00 off any one one caltrate larger size (155 ct) expires 8/22/2011

Breakfast item:
2-$1.00 off on any three packages of kellogs pop tarts expires 7/10/2011

2-$1.00 off on two when you buy two boxes general mills basic 4 cex fiber one, honey nut clusters oatmeal crisp, raisan nut bran, total, wheaties expires 6/25/2011

Joint Meds:
2-$1.00 off any joint juice product expire 07/15/2011

2-$0.75 of any one Kraft mayo or miracle whip dressing expires 6/12/2011

Foot Care:
2-$2.00 off when you buy one kerasel product expire 06/30/2011

Diet Product:
2-$1.00 off any atkins day break square  5 pack or day break shake 4 pack expires 7/31/2011
2-$1.00 off any atkins bar 5 pack or shake 4 pack expires 7/31/2011

Target Only Coupon:
2-Free $5.00 Target Gift Card with a purchase of Windex Outdoor all in one starter kit expires 5/28/2011
2-Free $5.00 Taraget Gift Card with the purchase of both Raid max Bug Barrier items (30 oz or 1 gal starter kit or 30 oz refill) expires 5/28/2011

Anit-bug products
2-$1.00 off any black flag product expirees 6/15/2011
1-$1.00 off on any Raid max spider & scorpin killer expires 7/9/2011

1-$0.50 off any cottonelle flushable moist wipes in these sizes: two 36 ct or larger tubs or two 42 count refills or one 72 count larger refill 6/26/2011

1-$3.00 off on any scrubbing bubbles fresh brush 2 -in-1 starter kit or refill pack expires 6/25/2011

1-$0.35 off on the purchase of Carabona stain devils expires 8/31/2011
1-$0.75 off on the purchase of color & dirt grabber expires 8/31/2011

1-$0.55 off on any shout laundry product expires 6/26/2011
1-40.75 off on any woolite oxy deep, pet + oxygen and pet urine eliminator expires 5/31/2011

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Paper Products:
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Female hygeine:
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$1.50 for processing/shipping and handling ship usually sameday or next day
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blog Follower Update

We now have 35 followers. We just need 65 more followers.

I apologize for not blogging more. I have migraine headache again. Stayed home from work. Slept most of the day. Trying to hold off on another dose of medicine until I pick up family members from activities

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blog Follower Update

Put your hands up in the air like you just care..yad yad and raise the roof..

Oops, I got carried away. We now have 31 followers. Thus, we only need 69 more swag followers before I can give away a swag bag. I will use random.org to pick a winner from the first 100 swag followers to receive the swag bag.

I'm so excited, I just can't hide it.

Purple, White, and Black Spirit Fundraising Opporunity

For the DC PTA organization for fundraising ideas meeting. Listed here are items that can be sold in my shop for fundraising for your school from 2011-2012 school. Flower clips with bling, cloth headbands that also work as great sweat bands during hot times, hair organizer starter kit, shirt scrunchies for both boys and girls, clothe or ribbon bows on hard headbands, ponytails or clips. Customized aprons are available for an extra fee.

I know the product photos aren't the best. Fortunately, the fabric shown in the last three photos coordinate together and one even has glitter.

Don't worry followers if my fundraising idea isn't accepted. I will still put the product in my store just for my purple white lovers!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Soccer Hair Set Special

Is no longer available.

If you placed a comment on the blog this past week and it disappeared. I am truly sorry. Blogger went down and a lot stuff got messed up and ereased.