Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The only benefits of having germy kids....

is productivity is up while they dose/stare dumb found at the television from medicine.

 Meaning..i got my his/her revisible coasts first part sewn, mini stocking bags, and cg baby toddler set almost complete (gotta finish one more bib), and dh home to help research tags.

Unfortunately, dh worked 22 hours straight, currently napping. I can resume sewing upon the completion of the stuff below.
Kids not napping but watching tv. Not bugging about not feeling well.
I get to run errands without kids in tow when dh wakes up from his nap. I have to run them in the heat of the day.

I got to upload new supply items in the etsy shop and zibbet.

supplies for crafters holistic therapy

supplies for crafters therapy holistic healing

Currently to do list next 78 hours:
finish coasters, mini stocking bags, cg baby toddler set

take photos for my next big review..hi ashley haven't forgotten..just gotta get the kiddos well-strep its a nasty nasty thing to get. Luckily, I had it so bad when I was a kids I haven't caught it again yet. Knock on wood.

start making eco friendly ice packs not just for home but for the shop as well.

email invitations for kids bday party a week from this saturday
make the kids ahola bobby pins..for the girls and get water guns for the three boys invited!


Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Don't you just love to-do lists ... mine just keeps growing!!!

Ashn702 said...

I hope your children feel better soon. Good luck getting everything done & thanks for the update.