Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday's Attack on the to do list

To do List for this upcoming week:
get coupons- done
sort coupons and organize -half done
grocery list -done
go grocery shopping -done
make more decorated bobby pins for birthday favors-3/4 done
get kids in bed on time-done
get myself in bed on time-done

set alarm to get up early-done
make eggs n bacon first day of school-changed to cheese toast
pay for school lunch, take copier paper in to classrooms along with classroom supplies
post bridal jean skirt review
more decorated bobby pins-last color pile...

clean house for company coming- 1/4 done working still on this
send out birthday invitaions via email -done

 pick up actual birthday invitations-half done just have to print out-done
finish decorated bobby pins
get bags for bobby pins
100 follower giveaway announcement

clean out car and get detailed
excerise with dh

get family from airport
spend time with family
dental appointments

birthday party

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