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FB Essentials Prize Package and Review

A few weeks ago, I entered a contest for free bath products that are vegan based. I completely forgot I won them until two weeks ago. I got my package. I thought I got this shown below.

Cupcake Bath Bomb Minis with Whipped Soap Frosting Set of 40 Individually Wrapped (Vegan Friendly) COMPLIMENTARY SHIPPING

Cupcake Bath Bomb Minis

Though this is great, I got something totally way cooler than this!

Check out below what I got in the mail. Warning for some reason my camera was not acting correctly photos maybe under exposed or over exposed. I just couldn't get it right.

Don't worry future shops that have lined up reviews. I will be taking my photos of your products outside! The best light of all.
I got Easter Bunny Poop, lotion, a floofla,  lip balm, sugar scrub squares, a body wash bar Almond Cherry I belive, tea bath soak kit, body whipped cream cleaner, body whipped cream scrub.
Let me tell you the packaging is so cute! I love it. She packaged the items that could leak in shipping in extra ziplock baggie. Yup, I was so appreciative of it. You just don't know how many times products have leaked during shipping. Go Go Go on being saavy for shipping.

This is Easter BunnyPoop, Jelly Bean Bath fizzies.

This is the poem attached to it:
The Easter Bunny came last night
So Listen, here's the scoop.

He left a special treat for you
this fizzing bunny poop.

Let me tell you, for our family its hard to find bath products my kids can use or we can use.
This bath product while only using one jelly bean per child during bath time did not cause staining in our tub, did not cause a break of hives, or a serve stuff nose of either child.

Now, I can get my kids to take a bath no problem. I'd rather them shower. It is less cleaning for all of us.

Suggestion for future products for FB Essentials: Birthday Confetti, Reindeer Poop, Snow Drift Shower Gel, anything related to the holidays that can be made would be good. I am definitely putting this down for my kids birthday wish list! More bath fizzies!

Exfoliating Solid Sugar Cube Body Polish 8 oz Jar  Green Tea, Aloe and Lemon (Spa Tonic Scent)

I got a 4 cube sample bag of Exfoliating Solid sugar Cub.
This stuff totally rocks. It freaked my spouse to no end when he saw this tiny square in the shower. He almost threw it away. Then he asked what it was. I said, "MINE! ME NO SHARE!" Then I explained what it was. He did not believe me it would not get me clean.

Chuckle, chuckle...giggle, giggle...full blown laugh to make the people in the white coats think about putting me away.

It cleaned me. Not only did clean me, but it help reduce the growing back hair bumps on my legs and under arms. You know the ones that always look nasty and always seem to never go away.

I took a chance on using it on my face. I have such bad allergies to products that I have to be really careful. There was a hugh improvement in skin tone, healing on my spots of break out, and removal of dry skin to keep from having dry skin acne.

I only used one square at a time. The directions say you can use two. I use one.
Here is a direct link for this product.

I have not used this yet. I have to be totally honest. I may send it with my kids. They get such dry hands at school. They dare not use what the teachers have to offer. They don't want to go home sick.
I have a feeling it really works wonderful. I don't think you will be disappointed.
Here is a link to lotion in the store.

Cherry Almond Handmade Soap 4 oz Bar  Vegan Friendly

I have not tried this yet. I will probably use at as a body bar. Simply, because I am consistently taking a shower from working out, cleaning, swimming, or just being outside this summer. I live in the desert enivorment. Summer time means lots of sweat time.
So, it is, necessary we have soap on hand!

Here is a direct link for the product.

This is a tea leaf bath. You crush the leaves up in the bag. Then place reusable bag with tea leaves in your bag. I can not currently use this. Our rental property does not have a bath tub to fit my six foot body comfortably. I will be saving this as a pampering tool for when we are finally in a new house.

I definitely would recommend this product. Tea leaves, flower petals have been used since the beginning of time during baths. The more natural the better in the bath product.

Strawberries n Cream Whipped Sugar Body Scrub 8 oz jar (Vegan Friendly and No Parabans)

I got a sample size as shown above. The sample size worked for three showers total.
I used it as a facial cleanser, a body wash, shaving cream for shaving my legs and under arms.
Am I being way to0 honest? A little TMI (too much information)? Maybe, for some and just right for others.
This was not the sugar scrub just the wash, but, let me tell, yeah; I am defintely going to try my sample of it.
My face was so soft after using this. It helped heal my break out spots that I get from dry skin acne. I got a bad spot on my leg where hair was growing back in. Let me tell you it helped heal it and make the skin soft enough for the hairs to come through in that one spot. Yes, I said hairs as in plural. We all have it. Get it over it! Will yeah. This is clean compared to some blogs I stumbled upon which I don't follow.

Here are several links for this product.

Personalized Lip Balm  or Solid Perfume Favors (Set of 25)

I got this awesome Lip Balm!
Seriously, my kids have tried to claim it as their own.
Luckily, my spouse refused to let them have it, siting that Mommy never gets to pamper herself.
I can share it but it better not disappear ever as he put it unless from use.

One day after being in and out all day, I noticed that the spots that were healing from the use of the other products sent to we cracker again. Tried and just wanting it to heal, I applied some of the lip balm not only to my lips but area around my lips where I had problems.

I haven't had any more problems from dry skin in those areas. It completely healed it. I wish I had taken before and after photos for you. I wasn't nearly mentally ready to bare that much of myself to the public. You will need a  q tip or a finger to apply it in this format.

She does have these available as well!

HONEY Lip Balm Enriched with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter by F B Essentials

BLUEBERRY Lip Balm Enriched with Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter .15 oz Tube

I am going to list one link for the customized lip balm. You can go to page three to find these other lip balms once you get to her shop.

Okay, are you drooling like a dog out in the summer heat yet?
You want some but need a little encouragement to buy?

Carlee at FB Essentials was very kind to give a limited time 10% off code
to use in her shop, type in  BEAUTIFULSWAG to receive it in your order.

Here's the direct link to her store

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Wow, thank you for the great review! I started making my products for my daughters eczema, so I put a large emphasis on natural and good for your skin ingredients. I am so glad you liked everything.