Monday, August 8, 2011


one week from today both my kids start school. Another year gone by, a one year anniversy for the shop, and another year of lessons. In two days one of my kids has a birthday, in ten days from that my other kid has their birthday. Plus, school starting, cupcakes to the school for celebrating with their friends, family flying in to help celebrate...

Let's see we have 87 followers now. This means..only 13 more followers are need for the first swag bag giveaway to be held. We already gave away a flower bling button ring at 50 followers. So..let's see how fast we can give away the swag bag.

There are two giveaways this month featuring hair accessories from my shop. I don't have a link for both yet.

Love Jewelry by L Giveaway featuring bss

 All I have to tell you is that there is a $20.00 retail value on each of the giveaways.  Sign up now for extra chance to win goodies from my shop.

Have a good week.


Ashn702 said...

Hi Samantha,
You have a lot going on! Does the school let you bring in home made cupcakes or store bought? In FL it can only be store bought (or at least the counties I've interned in), I'm just curious. Good luck getting everything accomplished. Can't wait to see our review on here.
Ashley (Wedding Belle Blues)

amazey said...

They are starting school already? Time sure flies during the summer!

Ashn702 said...

In the county I live in FL started yesterday along with some others I know about.