Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Day before Back to School..

Every year there are several days and nights that get my kids geared up beyond belief. Today and night is one of them...back to school and their schedule.

I am sad to see them go. I would love to homeschool them myself but lack the skills necessary for them learn what they need at this point.

I am very happy to see them go as well. It marks good milestones in their lives and makes me proud to be their parent. Example during meet the teacher night, my oldest made a tweenie face, you know the one, the one that really makes parents and teachers go hmm.. Well, the oldest openly told the new teacher about tensions between one student and a lof of other stufents not to mention oldest. Explained that it has been going on for some time. My oldest also explained how everyone else but said child did their best to be "socially" nice to the other child. The teacher said that she would keep an eye on the situation but school wasn't just about learning from books it was learning how to deal with others that don't get along well with. My oldest sighed with a reply,"It sucks that everyone else has to act according but this one student." For over three years, I have struggled to get my oldest to open up and communicate clearly and respectively about situations that bothered the child. This is a milestone. I have to say thank you, to the school staff in helping me draw that part of the child out.  The other example my youngest was introduced to a new student on the same night in that child's class. The youngest would not leave until the new student was spoken to and felt welcome.

Okay...rewind to the past week. It has sucked to be a parent. It sucked because I was a it tech widow, again. Thus means all hell broke loose and my Dh work hours made it nearly impossible for him to be home at good hours to give some relieve. After all is said and done, I have good kids. I am very proud of them.

To do List for this upcoming week:
get coupons
sort coupons and organize
grocery list
go grocery shopping
make more decorated bobby pins for birthday favors
get kids in bed on time
get myself in bed on time

set alarm to get up early
make eggs n bacon first day of school
pay for school lunch, take copier paper in to classrooms along with classroom supplies
post bridal jean skirt review
more decorated bobby pins

clean house for company coming
send out birthday invitaions via email and pick up actual birthday invitations
finish decorated bobby pins
get bags for bobby pins
100 follower giveaway announcement

clean out car and get detailed
excerise with dh

get family from airport
spend time with family
dental appointments

birthday party

remember to breath
all things are possible through christ who lives in load is nothing compared to his

This site has 100 followers. As you can see, I will announce the winner of the first swag bag that has been going since we first open last year at the end of this month! What a great time to giveaway stuff..


amazey said...

You have a very long to-do list! I hope you find the time to get it all done and take some time for yourself. You deserve it!

sweetybird09 said...

congratulations on the 100!!!!!

I can see that you have a full schedule, wow I remember those days of back to school with my kids....ahhhh seems so long ago :)

God bless you in all that you do Samantha