Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's heard behind the workshop doors..or during my creative time

Honey do you have pliers that cut through plastic? Yeah, your a lifesaver. What do I need them for..don't worry they won't get hot glue on them..
snap snap oh that made it easy. here you go they are back in your draw honey

Southern biscuts, southern biscuts...I burned myself again..darn hot glue

Ouch that hurt! dang it, I'm bleeding again. Honey bring me a band aid please?!
Yes, honey that is from a sewing needle. No honey I won't stop making these. The kiddos in the family need them for spirit day. Now let me finish.

Dinner? What dinner? I thought you said we were eatting out. What we aren't? Oh for heaven's sake! Seriously, you didn't just suggest a two hour prep time with seven o clock around the corner. Sandwiches are fine by me. What the kids don't want them? It's not a five star resturant here! There is no menu to choose an appetizer, main course, and desert. They want to move to Nana's? Will they get a shock of their life when Nana tells them the same dang thing.

ring ring..Nana..talk to the kids while I finish this craft

kids: nana we want to move in with you

nana: why? What's wrong?

kids: mommy won't cook us what she calls a resturant menu dinner. we know you and papa will

nana: cough, spat I'm what? when did I get elected to do this

kids: when mommy refused and daddy order us all to eat sandwiches

nana: you need to listen to your mommy and daddy. put one of them on the phone


mom/dad: Hi nana! What's up?

nana: mommy are in the process of finishing spirit day stuff? daddy did you excerise and eat right?

mom/dad: yes, I am finishing spirit day stuff. yes I worked out and still on my diet

nana: good then fix sandwiches. put kids on the phone

KIDS: we never got off nana.

nana: go eat the sandwiches your parents make. They are healthy and good for you. Five star resturant menu style dinners are only during the holidays when the whole family is together and everyone makes one dish off the list.

kids: its labor day nana

nana: are you here at my house? do you see your cousins? do you see your aunts and uncles?

kids: no.

nana: then its not a family holiday get together silly monkeys. go eat your sandwiches. nice try kiddos. love you too.

kids: giggles, laughing..love you to nana..aw shucks...we didn't get away with it.

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Raige Creations said...

too funny! not too different from some days in our house. we call dinners like that "Get Your Own Dinner" night. And actually, our kids sometime prefer that.