Monday, September 19, 2011

Alert to my Twitter Followers...

I have been made aware that someone is trying to steal my identity on twitter. They have copied my profile picture, all my followers, and have been sending out spam tweets sending you to inappropiate sites or claiming my work for their own.

I have notified twitter, etsy, and zibbet as to what is going on. I have also let them know that its not me. I apologize to any of my followers for this rude individual or individuals for doing this to you. I would not and will not send inappropiate information or links to sites supporting such actions.
My business is a family friendly site.

To the twitter follower that normally retweets me that blocked me, please I had no idea that someone has been sending out this bad stuff. It took getting an email from paypal, two notifications from two fellow tweeters, and having to deal with removing some of my product from my zibbet store to make the connection. Please unblock me.

In the near future please let me know if you receive any tweets from this imposter, so, I may forward them to proper authorities.


sweetybird09 said...

Samantha, that is just aweful that someone would do that to anybody...I personally have not gotten anything inapropriate from your twitter account.

I pray that it gets all worked out.

Take care

Red Rose said...

I have not gotten anything from you either and I truly hope that your situation is solved my friend.