Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday...manic panic

to do list for this week:

running close to 3 miles as I can get my body to cooperate-2.99 mis yeah..only 5 more miles this week

hike and demolish my mountain of laundry-cha ching..almost done

dish..ick the sink is full--

finish one birthday flower ponytail holder..will post pictures later

start the giveaway box set worth $40.00 for my friend at the steady hand

design a new purse..seriously what happend to common sense of needs of a mom? Not happening with today's purses. what was that? you have a pattern you need for review? It has lots of pockets inside and outside? Send it my way!

call insurance about getting contacts

call insurance about switching kids to my insurance better company lower rate for health insurance. **side note we had to switch health insurance because we were getting hit an extra $200 a month because I had a hysteroconomy about four years. this was to stop the problems I was having and to keep from having future problems. why we got dinged that much was crazy***

Gather healthy information for my kids principal on fit bits and arbonne

Sew a hem on youngest  new blanket

sew toddler play bag

promote and cross promote-1/3 of the way done for this week

research running/tennis skorts for half marathon training and race**lost the best one I had in my move a few months ago**

1 comment:

sweetybird09 said...

Great to do list. lots to do for one day or is that spread out over the week????

I pray that you get it all done :)