Sunday, September 4, 2011

Thank you to the Daily Bluebird for publishing my information about my two products listed on zibbet. Here are the links to the two products listed below.

Penguin Napkin Rings with Snow White Circle Pattern Napkins

Funky Stripped Earloop Facial Mask

Since it is Sunday, and I normally take time to thank everyone.

 Let's start first by Thanking God. He gave me the direction to start this. 
Then to my family for their patiences. Then to my friends who help promote this for me.
Next to all the promoting team members that also help promote my store while doing their own.

Then finally to my readers that have followed comment and won and item.

*Note concerning the first 100 follower giveaway..that follower has not contacted me. I will do a drawing to find another winner next winner giving the first person time to contact me with a shipping address in case the winner has been out of town**

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