Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Monday January 2nd 2012

After a weekend, of family, fun, computer fixes, and deleting of files. I had to quit a handmade promotional team that I recently joined because I am a person of my word. I could not and will not be able to get a tool bar add on due to hardware issues. Not a big deal.

If I  can't keep it then, I politely back out. Oh, I loved the team, it provided awesome support, critique, and overall fun conversations when we were not promoting each others strores and our own. The are an awesome team to be on. I just am a person of my word, respect, and honor anything I agree too.

So, sadly, I had to unjoin the team. To everyone on that team, I'm still here. No personal reasons or drama, just I am a person of my word.

Love you all!

**shipping information and prices have been updated in all shops****

Please note that all us residents  with us shipping addresses now receive free shipping when they order from me, all international orders have been reduced if you buy more than one item. I have expanded my shipping to other forgein countries, and outlying us lands.


BorneoBatikraft said...

blargh!! I am sorry to hear that swag!! but no doubt we`ll all be seeing you around etsyland regardless! :D

rooee said...

ok just caught up with this post and see that you left the team. sorry to see you go but understand and will keep in touch with you here!! good luck in your new place!! x