Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Call For Shop Reviews/Giveaways

Once a quarter this year,  I will make call outs, shout outs, inquires about, and out right ask you if you would like this shop to review your product from your shop, share it for the world to see, and host a giveaway for you.

1) Your item must be handmade from one the handmade store fronts that are available to sell from, or it is from a customizing shop like monograming, alteration or speciality shop like the one featured from Wedding Blue Bell company last year (fanastic shop!).

2) You must contact me via email at and answer a questionaire.

3) Depending on what your are having me review solely or review/giveaway will depend upon if I need an actual sample piece from your store.

4) Your followers must follow me in any social media that I am featured in, and will be given extra entries for doing so. Certain social medias I will need them to leave a comment for me to track the extra enteries.

5) You must give me between six-eight weeks from the time I receive your item to do the review or review/giveaway. I have a family and things POP UP unexpectedly like sickness and sometimes dental.

6) Certain items that I am looking for specifically will be given a review first before or other items See list below for items. Items must not be over $30.00 in value that you are shipping me. This is due to if it gets lost or stolen in the mail system, it won't break your budget. This list may change through out the year as well.

Priority items for Review:

Purse-needs to pockets on ends for water bottles, pockets on side for phones and portable game gears, and pockets on the inside for a mini first aid kit, pens/pencils and a mini notebook (4 1/4 by 5.5)

Holiday decor -Valentines, St. Patrick Day, Easter etc (small not larger it will be used as a table center piece)

Winter silly hats-sock money, angery birds, penguins, crowns, etc photo props for kids and adults

Craft patterns- like the one featured by Cherished bliss I had permission to use in my shop.

Craft supplies- Do you make your own aylric gems, items that can be put inside a flower accessory, or even jewelry? Depending on what you have in mind, I might be able to use it.

A digital banner fitting all three store shop fronts or a flier design that I can print off here

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