Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dear Stumble Upon

I wish you would work for me when I try to stumble directly from my account. If I try to download your tool bar, it crashes my computer and sends an alert to my husband that I've got a virus.

We have had our friends try from their home computers, internet cafes, and some very secure locations to review an item or site via my account. We, and I mean, all my friends and family, get the same response, item or site does not exist or they get the same virus message.

The only time it has ever worked is off, the www.zibbet.com handmade store front. Even then the review disappearred after a few hours and did not stick. What the heck? You seriously deleted my review? I'm not the only user seeing that reviews are not sticking on your site or are being deleted by your staff.

I tearfully, sadly, left a support team on etsy because I promised the leaders and fellow team mates upon joining I would stumble and review their products. This caused some major feathers to get ruffled with that team. They took personally. I personally miss my team mates, something aweful!!! I want back on the team something aweful.

I have tried to contact your tech support department. I get the same response does not exist or please go to this forum for user issues. I don't have 72 hours to watse scanning, your FAQ site to find a freaking answer. There is no live customer support center for me to call and complain that your site has some how blocked my account from functioning correctly. I know that there is a software/hardware issue on my computer not allowing my to download the tool bar, however, my tech friends should not get the same error message when using a different computer/software set up and internet connection.

You have a serious problem on your end. You need to fix it. I can't even do a thumbs up on the pages you have already recommended me to look at. I click the thumbs up now and my entire account freezes. I have to close out all my internet explorer windows and log out of your service. It would be nice to have a notification if I have a complaint against me.

Yet, surprising and not unexpectedly, I have never received anything from you but more spam in my mailbox about more sites to review. Seriously? You will not let my account review any sites but still send me crap in my inbox.

I think you are hypocritical of yourself and the serive you provide at this point.

I would truly like to return my team I was formly on, but I refuse to not be able to keep my word to them. My word whither written or oral is all I have to give in this world to people. So, I take it literarily.

So, until, you can fix your issues, I can not use your service.  Anyone from my previous team, if you will please try this for me..stumbling from my www.zibbet.com/beautifulswagstore see if your review sticks.  Seriously, I need to know if its an intergration problem with etsy or an overall freaking software problem on stumble upon.

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