Friday, January 6, 2012

Blast Out Friday 1/6/2012 #1

Etsy Store Fronts

Kindred Scents Candles - Alaskan Wilderness Soy Candle...smells like the fresh outdoors in the winter!

Adri's Adorables - Quit monkeying around and buy your little adorable this pacifier clip--never lose a pacifier again! Universal adapters are available.


 Bring in the new year with a great special! 15% off your custom wooden letter order use coupon code JANUARY2012SPECIAL

beBOWutiful - Get lot;'s of hugs and kisses this Valentines Day with this set of two koker bows!

 Beautiful Swag Store- Needing something red white and blue? Remembering to be patriotic? Then this is for you!
We Remember

D'Lites by Dorene - January fragrance of the month Hazelnut Latte 25% off 

Caprica Accessories - Beautiful bejewelled purple cupcake charm! A lovely gift for any girly-girl!

Blue Eyed Blessings - Pink & Brown HAND WEAVED Headband with Hair Bow (3 in 1 bow) - Get 3 bows in 1!
Strictly Cute Creations - Christmas is over but make the memories last with these cute premadee scrapbook pages
Meylah Store Fronts
13 page pdf reading comprehension tutorial to help your child(ren) off on the right foot in 2012.
Zibbet Store Fronts
Hugs Kisses Bow Ponytail
Get your valentine's taken care of with free shipping to us residents with us shipping addresses.
Painted Desert Crochet Bucket Bag
Briar Wood Pipe Collection Set of 4 with stand gold and silver bands
Tickled Pink and Purple Toekinis - pink rose charms and soft lavender


rooee said...

where did you get to? i miss your cheery self!

beautiful swag store said...

Hi Rooee!

Here's my blogpost about why I left.

I miss the team badly. Sometimes doing the right thing isn't always an easy thing..

keep posted to my blog for my letter to stumble upon..and my problems..

Raige Creations said...

I love hazelnut coffee...put a little in with our regular coffee every morning. That candle is awesome.

nice collection of items.