Monday, December 19, 2011

Birthday Countdown 4 days

So, my birthday is this Thursday. It really doesn't seem like the normal holiday and birthday time for me. I mean heck I just moved cross country with my family. A lot of our stuff we use has to remain in boxes because we are planning to be out of the rental in 6 six months or less.

Let's see what's on my birthday wish list for today:

Arbonne protein powder and fizzy tabs

A new purse with lots of pockets but meduim and stylish in size

A pair of everyday winter boots, not snow boots, I already have some of those

Boot socks found at Old Navy- on sale right now $5.00 ladies size 7-10


Linda B said...

Swag, I hope you get your birthday wishes, and that your hubby looked at your list.

Happy Birthday!

Raige Creations said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you get your wishlist.