Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Birthday Countdown Day 2

Okay this morning I made carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for tomorrow and today. I sent a dozen to my husband's work. We have a dozen here but are only keeping a half dozen and sending the other half to the schools.

Last night, I got a wonderful convo from an etsy associate. The etsy location has been featured on the clickable below. Come check my shop and the other four choosen for this week!

pcfteam weekly-shop-hop

Do you have a shop? Need some extra love? Then head on down to the bottom of the page and your shop information.

The Promofrenzy Team is doing a year in reflection to see how we have been successful as an individual and as a team.

Before Promofrenzy Etsy Team:

Shop Openned 2010 no sales until March 2011
1 sale in june 2011
1 sale in august 2011
1 sale in september 2011
0 sale in October 2011
3 sales in November 2011
3 sales in December so far 2011

as of views 0 for Oct 2010-December 2010
as of views 4,482 shop views, listing views 22,345 2011
18 favorites 2 listing favorites , 16 shop favorites 2010
1,041 favorites, 896 listing favorites, 145 shop favorites 2011
0 orders for 2010
11 orders for 2011
0 revenue earned 2010
$45.22 revenue earned 2011

Wow what a dramatic increase!

My plan for the new year. Open up one more shop front at a different location, increase sales to 40 sales via internet shop fronts combined between three different shop fronts.

Why three different location. I have spent over $100.00 in listing fees on Etsy plus they take a percentage of my sale and only made $45.00. The other two sites don't charge to list but do take a percentage of my sale. They do limit the amount of my lisitings between 25-50 listings depending on the site. More money in my pocket over all in the end. Plus, the more fronts, I have the more visibility I have in the market and the more potiental to make money for my family.

Not to mention my time and supplies are not covered overall with only $45.00 profit.

So, for my next birthday wish list is...

business cards (nice ones)
a banner that unites all three shop fronts
fliers done and approved for the local school district


Bella the Bead said...

Happy Birthday!!! And good luck in 2012 - it's always best to have goals and a plan!

Over The Moon Gifts said...

Great progress! It's so much fun to watch your and your teammates'
shops grow!

Jocelyn Friis said...

Congrats on your progress! And all the best for your 2012 plans! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

Dorene said...

Good luck in 2012!

Ruth said...

Best of Luck in 2012, just don't spread yourself too thin.

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had a decent 2011. Here's to a better 2012.