Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Phoenix Dust Storm July 5th, 2011/ Handmade Wednesday Store Co-host

This is what rolled through Phoenix. It was over 50 miles wide and moving about 50 miles an hour. flights were grounded and many comuniaters where stuck on the side of the road because they could not see to drive. My exact location did not get the brunt of the storm. It did however get the massive thunder storm that followed. Thanks to the dust storm, we now have manadority stay inside notice from our doctors  due to our serve allergies. This is to keep us from going to the emergancy room.

It is still very dusty hazy this morning, when I walked my DH out the door for work. He again emphasized what I already knew. This is why we have ear loop facial masks not just for cleaning but for weather.

I know one mom thought I was seriously lossing mental stability when she heard I kept some on hand. Even more so if we were sick and headed to the doctor's office during flu season. I don't care! Guess what we didn't get the flu this season. We didn't get streap throat this season. The only thing we got were  constant sinus/ear infections. Hello...the  cowboys and indians were on to something people.

Knock Knock any body listening to what I am saying.

So, if you were wondering how to reduce the number of visits to the  doctor from gardening, excerising outside, and you go.

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**please note that artfire studios are currently down for all. They are located in Tucson Arizona which was in the path of the dust storm as well. They say their code monkeys are in full swing fixing it***


Cris said...

we got the dust storm over here! It was wiked! No damage!

Erika Price said...

Oh my goodness, what a terrible storm - and thank goodness for facial masks :) Erika

Christie Cottage said...

I saw that on the news last night. They said it was about 3000 feet high too!

Stay inside!


sweetybird09 said...

I have never seen or been in a dust storm, that must have been scary!

Glad you are all ok, and I think the dust masks are a great are not loosing mental stability!!!!

Congrats for all the features on your shop, I see your followers are climbing, good for you.

amazey said...

The pictures of that storm are just amazing. Glad you are okay!

Cori said...

i saw this on the news ... scary!!! I think your HTML for the linky may be slightly off :D