Monday, July 25, 2011

Manic Monday or should I say freak out ...

I have three weeks to get ready for a family joint birthday with me making the happy bag treats.

here is a sample of what is being made...

and part of two upcoming giveaways on two seperate sites. Wait there is more than this in the giveaways. Keep posted for your chance to win your verify own set.

Each birthday bag has to have two. We have approximately 15 kids. Not to mention I want to do a floral button ring. You remember those don't you?

I finally got these in the store after multiple requests for a larger version.

 You want them but the price tag looks to much. Don't forget the current sale cod for the etsy shop!
Type in CHRISTMASINJULY2011 for 50% off the price tag. You still get the free shipping to Canada and US residents via USPS first class mail.

I almost forgot the update on the blog follower contest.
We have 74 swag followers. We only need 26 more followers for a swag bag to be given away!

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