Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dish and Wash Clothe Set

This is an assorted set of dish and wash clothes for cleaning. They are cotton material varifying in thick and thinness for your choice of clean. They are also varified in size as well. please note that the photos show both sets combined together as one. Listed below is what you will be receiving.

1-The Bird with Swirl Cloth is 11 by 4.75

4-The blue blue white swirl flowers is 13 by 5.5 inches

2-Blue wavy with snowflake circle front is 8 by 5 inches

2-Aqua wavy with snowflake cirlce front is 8 by 5 inches

This is a limited edition set which only my house and yours will have this for use.   

Shipping is free for Canadian and US residents but there are several others listed with a $6.00 charge   

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