Monday, July 18, 2011

New Items in shops


Bone Bow Double Loopy

T-shirt Tunic Dress 
Bone Bow Single Loopy


 Hugs N Kisses Ponytail Set
Three Valentine Ponytails with bows.
Originally listed as individual sale at artfire relisted as a three piece set at zibbet.
The Vintage Style Goth Costume Skirt
Girls Small, with skull ornament on the lace bow.
This really needs to disappear fast, I have family coming to town.
They don't approve of the skull ornament at all.

Kitten Pumpkin Trick or Treat Tote Bag
Perfect for fall festivals, trick or treating, or all those great parties for the fall.
Originally listed at etsy, never sold. Relisted at zibbet.

 The Four Season Curly Ponytail.
The colors will work with all four seasons. No need to go looking around for a hair piece for each season.
Originally listed at etsy. Never sold.
 Yellow Daffodil Ponytail
Originally listed at Esty, never sold.
Relisted on Zibbet
Perfect for spring, summer, and fall.
The Candy Cane Stripe Bows.
Originally listed both at artfire and etsy.
Never sold, relisted as supplies because they are not attached to anything.
Leftover fabric will be sent for attaching to what ever your heart desires.

All products shown have free shipping to us and canadian residents. Some show shipping fees for other countries.

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