Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Reflections..

Wow what a week! Swimming, did my first giveaway for blog follower contest,  window/price comparison shopping, a new sale, started more christmas in july stuff, read and started the goddess girl reading writing skills book, and entered my local libraries adult summer reading program for a chance to win a nook reader. yeah me!

Giveaway winners never contacted me for their prize. I will redo the drawing and pick two new winners this coming week.

I am finishing typing in the Goddess Girl unit. I will start the Rainbow Magic Party Fairies Melodie the Music Fairy.

I got the napkin holders done for artfire's christmas in july sale. I just have to make my clothe napkins to go with one of the sets of napkin holders.

I need to upload my anglicious earloop facial mask set for adults and children.

I must get all my reciepts for the stores purchases and providing free shipping on orders in my receipt folder holder. Arrgh...another busy week.

Let's not forget to keep excerising in the process.


Christie Cottage said...

Yay for getting so much done this week!


amazey said...

Pretty busy week! Sounds like you accomplished a lot though.

Laurie said...

Busy busy busy! :) As hectic as weekends can get, it feels good to get so much accomplished!

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