Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Update

Coupon Processing:
Yesterday was coupon day. That is right the day were the sunday paper is packed full of lots of coupons. I cut and sorted for hours, and entered my new coupons in my inventory and put the extras to the side for trading or for coupon processing section on Tuesday and Thursday here on the blog.

Reading Comprehension/Writing Skills
I have started Judy Moody reading comprehension and writing skills downloadable file for $3.00. It should  be in the shop sometime this week. Why higher than the Rainbow Magic Fairies? Let me tell you Judy Moody has lots of chapters packed full of things the young reader should pick up on. Lots of questions for each chapter.

Artfire/Etsy Stores:
I am working on single fabric earloop masks, and  christmas july products for etsy. More education material for the Artfire store.

Blog Follower Update:
We now have 49 swag followers. We only need 51 more! Go Go Go!

Blogger Comments:
Okay, for some reason no matter what computer I use or the network perimaters, I can't leave comments on some of my favorite blogs. I go back and I have an error message saying that the comment section is blank. NO it wasn' hoo!!

The little girl who got all the custom made items this weekend. She went nuts over the custom nightgown, hair accessories, button ring, and fingernail polish that was included. OMG! I am so happy for her.

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sweetybird09 said...

Samantha, glad you have more followers, and good to hear that you are busy doing so many great things, I keep forgetting to start Christmas in July items for next month, thanks for the reminder.

Take care!