Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to Work...

phew my local supplier had the larger spool of thread in. Yeah!! This means more projects done and less running to the store for thread.

They generally carry a larger stock of the dye lot of the thread I use. I love winter white. It generally blends well with all fabrics, and remains in stock than most dye lots.

I also got to take photos of fabric for custom order washable puppy pee pads in a larger size while I was in the store last night. Unforunately, the store's lighting sucks!! So, some of the fabric colors look faded which is not the case.

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. I appreciate it. I was getting a lot frustrated that I couldn't finish the projects yesterday and photograph them for the shop. Seriously, I wasn't a happy camper. Just ask my kids..wait don't they are in deep trouble right now and think I am the meanest parent on the earth.

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