Friday, June 10, 2011

Angilicious EarLoop Face Masks and Get Well Package

This is my Angilicious Ear Loop Facial Mask Set for a Family.
I made them for my friend Angie for while she and her family are cleaning up.
They have an asthama patient in the household. My doctor advised at during the winter when we all we having breathing problems that we all wear facial masks while cleaning.
I made my first ones which are now in the shop two pieces of  fabric thick.  These are slightly hot during summer months. So, when I found out my friend was having similar problems with her asthama patient. I told her Iwould make the entire family some. These are one piece of fabric with elastic ear loop section. Once, I know that they are perfect. I set aside a set for the shop. So be looking forward to it.

This get well package is for my friend Angie's friend. She called me to vent about the lack of volunteers for helping in times of need within the community. I say as someone who didn't receive a lot of support from my community when I went down for surgery I knew what she was saying and felt her emotions loud and clear. I decided to do something though I am not locally there to do more. I decided to make a few things that could make the friends life a little simpler on a end that probably most would not think of. I hope this friend likes it.

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