Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday Whisper is a Shout Out

A year ago, i started my online business. I didn't have hardly any followerers any where. One day I was notified of a new follower. Webselling4u.

This follower is awesome for handmade artistans. He runs a non-profit website called He followed me and his wife followed me. The two of them are awesome. If you need some for your website he provides an awesome service. I sent an email to him about his services. This is his reply to me for this post.

"To get my attention, you can DM, convo me in Etsy, ( or send a message from my site (  I don't publish my email address so it doesn't get picked up by spammers but when I respond to a message you can email me back.
I've been doing websites for 10+ years, programming for over forty, Tweeting for two or three years and grudgingly on Facebook for about the same amount of time.
As for what not to do in a tweet, even though I use Twitter to get my message out, I detest spamming.  If I use your @twittername in a tweet, it will be to RT something you said, or to give you a shout-out such as a #FollowFriday suggestion.  In short, if I mention you, it will be to promote you in the hopes that you will return the favor.  I will never say "Hey @username, check out this site" unless I accidentally RT someone who did that.  I try to avoid it at all costs.  Of course I might say "Hey @username, long time no see... how are you?"
I try to spend an hour a day catching up on my tweets, thanking those that mention me, answering tweets etc.  I must admit that I almost never get through them all but I do read all the DMs at least every other day.
I also randomly RT people who use certain keywords and if you thank me for that, I usually follow you.  I always follow back but may block people for spamming or language/graphics that, in my opinion, may reflect poorly on me or my clients.
I originally started tweeting because it is free and it seemed to be a good way to get people to my sites.  I still use it for that but now I have more business than I can keep up with and am not taking on new projects at the moment.  Mostly, I use it to promote my wife's shop ( and the sites of friends and clients.
I look at it like a large newspaper, not the Wall Street Journal but more like the local Shopper's Guide.  Many people use it to sell things, post public service announcements, or even announce what they had for lunch.  If you don't like what someone is posting, ignore them... I love Twitter although it can be addictive and suck up a great deal of time."

He often retweets many etsy shop owners/ followers never asking anything in return. I say this...he does take donations for his service. So, since we have all benefited from his generous retweets, shoutouts, followfridays etc. Let's do something nice for this gentlemen and his wife. Let's donate to his website.

When my twitter account got hacked, I notified him of this and he was very helpful and unblocked me. He is also making sure that if any more weird tweets come from twitter account to let me know.

Thank you to Webselling4u!!!


Over The Moon Gifts said...

it's great to have someone that has your back!

Glitterbird Glamour said...

Interesting. I did follow this Tweeter, and RTed a couple of his tweets for which he thanked me.

But he never did RT mine. So I unfollowed him.

nangatesdesigns said...

Interesting post. I follow him on twitter, too.

Sewinggranny - Mona said...

Thanks - will have to check him out!

Christie Cottage said...

He is great to retweet. That's for sure!


Bella the Bead said...

Thanks for the info...I"m following him now.

beautiful swag store said...

this is an amazing couple!! We really need to support what they do!

Deb said...

uniquecozytreasures- Good info. Thanks!

galla15 said...

Will have to check it out ;)