Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lessons Learned from my recent fashion show..

As many of you know, I have been consumed by a Moulin Rouge theme fashion show at a local venue for local small businesses. This was suppose to be fun. It was suppose to be simple. It was suppose to be money making for me. Not as much as I would have made via online but still money making. As, I type this post for you, I am in debt of $30.00 for supplies, gas to get supplies, and listing fees on etsy.

I have learned many things from this experience in my business. Let me share them with you below. Also below the lesson is a shop's new policy to ensure that it is not a nightmare for me as a custom hair accessory maker.

a. Get everything in writing in a simple formal contract. No matter what the other side promises.

****New Shop Policy: All events like fashion shows, fundraisers, and school sponsored events will have a sign contract between myself and the other party specificing what exactly will be done by both parties.

b. If you hear old money and new money be prepared for drama and conflicts that don't involve you or what you are doing in the show. Seriously, folks can we all get along?

c. If the event is a themed event and needs samples of examples of what they would like them to wear make sure you get the other side to pay for the samples even if it is to cover the cost of supplies.

****New shop Policy: All venues wanting sample pieces for examples of style, will be required to make payment in full before the samples are made. I can't resell the samples off themed events. The samples are yours to keep and to do with as you please.

d. Be sure that the event coordinator has already established a social media links for adversting via social media. If they do not have this at the time of the consultation, then make sure you get it in writing that one must be provided by a certain date or else you the vendor get to pull out with any fees, penalities, or fee of a law suit  later on down the road.

*****New Shop Policy: If you are a coordinator of an event and would like the shop to vendor at your event, please have a link for social media blasting either by or with five days after our consultation or else we will not be able to partake in your event.

e. If you keep hearing things like this is more a marketing thing than a making money thing, know up front that you probably won't make any money on this event. Don't stress yourself out on making a bunch of inventory that probably won't sell.

****** New Shop Policy: If you are simply doing a marketing event, we will provide business cards, fliers, and photos of our product but we will not leave our product unattended at your event. The only expection to this policy is if you have paid for in full sample products for you to exhibit.

f. If the event organizes seem iffy or fidigity on on issues, make sure they understand that if they don't get your demands meet by a certain time, you will not be showing up at the event. Set Goal Deadlines. If goal deadlines are not meet then don't partake in the event.

**This refers to again the first new policy from my lessons learned. Get everything in writing.****

g. Team up with another vendor working the show. They can help you out by watching your back or alerting you to problems so you can resolve them before they keep you from not being able to do a vendoring event

h. be sure to have a portable table and nice table clothe, even if they promise you a table they may over book and not provide you one.

g. just because you didn't pay money for a spot, doesn't give the venue sponsoring an event the right to walk all over you. Stand up for yourself..put everything in writing.

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