Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Coupons

Frozen Food Section:

1- $0.75 off any package Rhodes Warm n Serve Rolls expires 8/31/11

1-$1.00 off any one Dovebar, Multipack, Dove Miniatures or dove Ice Cream 8.67 fl oz or large Expires 8/31/2011

1-$1.00 off when you purchase any four (4) lean chisine varities expires 8/7/11

1- $1.25 off an any one (1) California Pizza Kitchen Pizza & Appetizer  Expires 6/30/11


2-$0.50 off any Fabulos multipurpose cleaner Expires 5/28/11

1-$1.50 off one Mr. Clean twin pack or two Mr. clean itesm (spray, liquid, ereaser) Expires 5/31/11

2-$0.50 of any (4) cans or bowls of Campbell's chuncky soup

Female Hygiene:
2-$0.50 off one always pantlinier (30ct or higher) expires 5/31/11
2-$0.50 0ff any one always pads, cleann or feminie cleansing clothes expires 5/31/11
2-$1.00 off One Tampax  (18 ct or higher) Expires 5/31/11
2-$2.00 off one Tampax or Compak Pearl (18ct or higher) Expires 5/31/11
1-$1.00 off One Always Infinity (14ct or higher) Expires 5/31/11

Toothbrushes Philips:
1-$15.00 off on any philips sonicare flex care+ or flexcare rechargeable toothbrush expires 8/31/11
1-$10.00 off any Philips Sonicare Rechargeable  Toothbrush (excludes Xtreme Battery) 8/31/11
1-$5.00 off on any multipack of Philips Sonicare Brush Heads or Philips Sonicare Xtreme Battery toothbrush expores 8/31/11

2-$0.50 off on the purchase of any One Bestlife Buttery Spread, Buttery Spray or Buttery Baking Sticks Expires 7/10/11

1-$2.00 off when you purchase any two packages of Kellog's Special K Protein Meal Bars, Special K Protein Shakes, and/or Special K20 Protein
1-$1.00 off when purchase any two packages of Kellog's Special K Cereals (11.4 or larger, any flavor, Mix or Match) Expires  June 12, 2011
2-$1.00 off on three when you by any three boxes General Mills Cereals Listed: basic 4, Cheerios (any), Chex (any), Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Cocoa Puffs (any), Cookie Crisp (any), Dora the Explorer, Fiber One (any), Golden Grahams, honey nut clusters, kix (any), lucky charms (any), Oatmeal Crisp (any), Raisan Nut Bran, Reese's Puffs, Total (any), Trix, Wheaties Expire June 6, 2011

1-$2.00 off on any L'Oreal Paris Lip Product Expire 6/26/2011

1-$1.00 off  on one (1) cover girl product Expires 5/31/11
1-$2.50 off two (2) covergirl products 5/31/11

2-$5.00 John Frieda Precision Foam colour Product Expires 06/04/2011
2-$1.00 John Frieda Product (offer excludes trail size and kits) Expires 06/04/2011
1-$3.00 off on  any John Fried Root Awaking Product Expires 06/04/2011

2-$2.00 off One Natural Instincts hair color Expires 05/31/2011
1-$2.00 off One Nice n' Easy hair color Expires 05/31/2011

1-$2.00 off on any Garnier Nutrisse shade or Multi-lights kit Expires 8/1/11
1-$2.00 off on any one  Garnier Moisturizer or Treatment Expires 8/1/11

2-$3.00 off any two Pantene products Expire 5/31/2011

Home Freshners/Air Freshners:
1-$1.00 off on any Glade PlugIns Scented Oil twin refill or two single refills Expire 6/11/2011

1-$1.00 off one Febreeze Fabric Refresher Expire 5/31/2011
2-$1.00 off one Febreeze Air Effects Expires 6/30/11
1-$0.50 one Febreeze set and Refresh Expires 5/32/11
1-$1.00 off one febreeze candle 5/31/2011
2-Buy One Febreeze Flameless Luminary Wooden Lamp Base or Starter Kit Get One Scented Shades Refill Free Expires 05/31/11
2-$0.50 off one febreeze Air Effects Product Expire 5/31/11
2-$3.00 off One home Collections Diffuser or Candle 5/31/11
2-Febreeze Buy One Febreeze Noticeables Refill Get One Febreeze Noticeables Warmer Free Expires 5/31/11
2-$1.00 off one Febreeze Noticeables Refill

Automatic Dishwasher Detergerant:
2-$0.25 off on Casade Product Expire 5/31/11

2-$0.50 on two boxes of any flavor/variety Betty Cocker, Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers, or Fruit Roll ups Expires 6/25/11
1-$0.50 off on two boxes of any flavor/variety Betty cocker, fruite shapes, fruit by the foot, Fruit Gushers, or Fruit Roll ups Expires 6/11/11

2-$1.00 off on 2 boxes of any jolly time microwave popcorn expire 6/30/11

Food/Meal Kits:
2-$0.75 on three when you buy three any flavor hamburger Helper, Tuna Helper, or Chicken Helper Home cooked skillet meals Expires 6/25/11

Laundry Supplies:
2-$1.00 off on any woolite Detergant 50 oz or larger Expires  06/21/11

2-$1.00 off on any two xtra laundry detergants expires 7/31/11

2-$1.00 off Buy bounty  or charmin BAsic & get $1.00 off  any tide  or gain powder expires  05/31/11
2-$0.35 off one tide detergant Expires 05/31/11
2-$3.00 off one  26-50 oz powder 15 -34ct duo pack or 36-68 oz liquid stain release expires 05/31/11
2-$1.00 off one tide stain release expires 5/31/11
2-$1.00 of one gain detergant or fabric enchancer expires 6/30/11
2-$1.00 off one Era product Expires 6/30/11
2-$1.00 of on one tide to go Expires 05/31/11
2-$0.50 off on any suavitel liquid fabric conditioner expire 5/28/11

2-$0.50 off one downy liquid liquid fabric  softner or dryer sheets expires 5/31/11

Deordorant/body splash:
2-Buy 1 Get 1 Free buy any one dry idea or right guard product  and get one dry idea or right guard product free

2-$0.50 on any speed stick  or lady stick (excluding trail sizes) Expires 5/21/11

Cat/Kitten Products:
2-$1.00 off on one (1) package of PUrina tidy cats any size any variety

2-$2.00 on one (1) package of Purina One brand  beyond Cat food, any size, any variety expires 5/16/2011

2-$1.00 on two (2) packages of Purina of Purina Whisker Lickins  any size any variety Expires 8/1/11

2-$1.00 of eighteen (18) 3 oz cans of FAncy Feast  Elegant  Medley's  any variety 8/1/11

2-$1.00 on twenty-four(24) 3 oz cans of fancy feast any variety 8/1/11

2-$1.00 on twenty (20) 5.5 oz cans  or two (2)  12 ct or one (1) 24 ct or larger variety pack Purina Friskies or Purina Friskies pouches, any variety expires 8/1/11

1-$1.00 off on one (1) bag of Purina Kitten Chow or Purina  Cat Chow any size (excluding 16-18 oz.), any variety Expires 6/26/11
1-$1.00 of anhy one (1) New Tempations Mixups Treats for Cats Expires 6/12/11

Dog Products:
2-$1.50 on One (1) 17.6 lb or larger bag of Purina dog Chow or Purina Puppy chow Expires 5/28/11

2-$1.00 on One (1) 4.4lb or larager bag of Purina dog chow or Purina Puppy chow expires 5/28/11

2-$2.00 on twelve (12) cans or one (1) 12 ct  variety pack of purina mighty dog any variety expires 6/20/11

2-$1.00 on one (1) 54 oz  or larger carton of Purina Moist & Meaty  any variety Expires 6/13/11

2-$2.00 on one (1) package of Purina One brand beyond dog Food, any size, any variety expires expires 5/16/11

1-Buy 3 Iams canned dog or cat, get 1 free (up to $1.00) Expire 5/31/11
1-$1.00 off  one Iams  Healthy Nautrals dry dog or cat food expire 5/31/11
1-$1.00 off one Iams Premium Protections dry dog or cat food expires 5/31/11
1-$1.00 off one Iams Proactive  Health dry dog or cat food expires 5/31/11

2-$2.00 any one (1) bag of new Predigree food for dogs Expire 6/5/11
2-Buy three get one free any one (1) pedigree (up to $1.09) expire 6/5/11
2-$1.00 any (1) any size of pedigree marrobone treats for dogs expire 5/19/11
2-$1.00 any one (1) Pedigree goodbites treats for dogs expires 6/12/11
2-$1.00 any one (1) Pedigree dentastix treats for dogs expire 6/12/11

1-$1.50 off on any one (1) bag of kibbles n bits brand dry food 14lbs or larger expires 6/11/11
1-$1.00 off on anyone 1 cesar treats expires 6/12/11

2-Buy One  (1) 13.2 oz or smaller  can of purina alpo  get one (1) 13.2 or smaller can of purina alpo free (up to $0.89), any variety expires 6/13/11
2-$1.00 off on eight (8) single cans purina alpo any size, any variety expire 6/13/11

2-$1.50 off on one crest pro health  or crest sensivity  treatment and protection toothpaste  4.0z or larger expires 5/31/11
2-$3.00 off on one fixodent cleanser expires 5/31/11
2-$1.25 off one fixodent adhesive or fixodent  cleanser expires 5/31/11
2-$10.00 off one crest 3d white 2 hour express or professional effects whitestripes expires 5/31/11
2-$1.00 off two crest tooth pastes 4.0 oz or larger (excludes crest cavity, baking soda tartar) expires 5/31/11
2-$0.75 off one crest rinse 440ml or larger expires 5/31/11
2-$1.50 off one oral b pulsar, crossaction, advantage or two indicator or cavity defense manual toothbrush expires 5/31/11

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