Saturday, May 21, 2011

ArtFire ..

Blog contest.

1) I can't afford the monthly fee for a pro account. They allow me to post 10 items a month without charge or deactive said items. The other sites don't offer that..thank you artfire.

2) Their forums are still that forums. I don't have to bounce around forums and seperate areas to find answers. They are all still in one group area. Very user friendly.

3) When I can't get something to upload correctly some of the members have uploaded pictures for me in forum discussions without being asked too. Now, that's what I call team work. Go artfire sellers! You remember of living in the south..

4) I can find customer service information easily for any questions I have. I can speak with a live person not leaving a message in a forum and hope it doesn't get deleted or ignored. Thank you!

5) For me, its working with local company because they are located in the same state. They have a bumper sticker where I live that say live local, shop local, and buy local. I'm supporting my state community as well.

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