Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday...I'm so Exaughsted..

It's been one of the weeks where I'd rather not have gone through it. Nothing terrible just very stressful. From computer problems, to kid drama at home and school, to sewing machine protesting to much use, to preparing to move to a new location is just making me wig out and just not be a nice person.

As to answer Christie's question earlier this week. I don' know why I can post on my blog but I can't post comments on the blogs. It blows my mind. We have a beta/test version of the new internet explorer on my computer.There is a reason why they call it a beta/test version. It has bugs that need to be worked out. Heckhum, can I say, I am not impressed at all with it. So, on top of my already busy DH's schedule he has to delete internet explorer and reinstall an older version of internet explorer.

Though having a computer down has been benefical too. I got new stuff up in both shops. Yeah me! Now, only the sale fairy would wave her magic wand and make my stuff fly off the shelves. Ha ha..I now that is fanasty wouldn't be nice though.

I'm headed to the public library to upload pictures to the site for you and try to find a free pattern for a dog dress -heckhum cheerleader, goth, and biker must be girlie though. Don't forget the sports wear for baseball and hockey. Ugh..Though I promised my little ones that I couldn't find one on the internet for free I would break down and buy a pattern.

It's the weekend!!


Felicity said...

Have you tried logging out of gmail/blogger and logging back in? That's what I do whenever something goes wonky and it usually fixes it. Have a nice weekend! : )

beautiful swag store said...

We have tried that all week. I had a company tell me if I had a beta version of the new internet explorer then I would not be able to accesse their site. It's not compactible with their software.