Monday, March 7, 2011

Fairy Tale Baby Gift Set Edition 1

This Gift set features a fairy tail themed fabric for the little one in though. In the gift set, you receive a burp cloth with a loop of ribbon as a handy way to get it out the diaper bag and trimmed with said ribbon, bib features a small amount of ribbon trim with matching  ribbon ties, and as a bonus a small cloth for washing of baby with a sewn in loop for easy grabbing. All this was done from my experience as a young and my frustrations experienced as a young mother.
Available at the going price is $9.50.
This includes shipping as part of the  deal. Why, so low of a price?
Well, this was an experimenting to see what I could make with 1/2 yard of cute fabric. Viola!
You benefit!

Get it while its still available.

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