Monday, December 27, 2010

Its the Second Monday of my Staycation

I have to admit that this my second monday of my staycation. What is a staycation? Its a vacation that you stay at home and just take care of things at home or play video games etc. We have had a wonderful time. During this first week, I had my birthday. Unoffically, I am still 21 no matter what the calendard says.

We did a few present exchanges with friends and family. Watched television, and read books. Seriously, that is what we did.

Dh helped me get the flash drive by adobe reinstalled but the funny thing is I  still  can't view flash components. Grrr.. go figure.

I was going to post the last remaining pictures of homemade christmas inspired by burdastyle contest but I still can't upload from the home computer.  So, you will have to wait to view the pictures.

Still no sales on anything, many more people know about it. The doctor's office allowed me to put fliers in their faucility before christmas, and I have a friend who is a dentist/orthodist that may let me leave a surprise in their office and fliers as well.

Today is put away the christmas decorations, continue trying to train our families new puppy ( did I forget to mention that), sew said puppy a warm cover (said puppy is so tiny even the xxs sizes are too big), and get togethers with remaining friends we haven't exchanged gifts with.

Don't forget my friends next big run, I am helping to sponsor. Remember the Go purple Ribbon Day, where I made all the shirts, hair stuff, and more? Oh, yeah, another one is on the books for February 2011. Though I need to get more specifics on what I need to do for it. Hopefully, my friend and I will be able to get more pictures up this time.

Oh, I need to sew my friend's new purse for her birthday, and mine too. Not to mention Valentine's coming up!

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sweetybird09 said...

Well Happy belated birthday and happy staycation, I am enjoying a staycation with my husband (he plays the video games I knit and watch the story line unfold)

I sure hope u get some sales soon...

Take care and have fun sewing...