Friday, December 10, 2010

The Gifts are almost done...

Girl Penguin Blanket Buddy-personal use for penguin desing only
Boy Penguin Blanket Buddies for Twin Boys-person use for penguin design
t-shirt mask with cape
..I see the light boss..I see the light (orginial quote from fanasty island changed).
After weeks of sewing, I do mean weeks. I have going at since the beginning of November. No joke.
I am down to two major projects.

One for a little boy-I am calling him M at the moment as in Mums the word

One is for a family member.-I am not even giving a clue in case they walk up. I just up said family member likes it onces its done.

Update on follower contest : We have 22 followers. Doing the math that leaves us only 78 more followers before the first swag bag is given away !

Update on blog sales: The only current blog sale is for the box of bows. Please scroll down to find the post about it. Hopefully, I can get pictures attached to it today.

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