Friday, October 22, 2010

Wow weekend already..OMG

The week flew by me literarly..I can't believe it. Between making a half price sale at the shop go live, field trip to a farm that ended with my household sufferring serve allergy attacks, rain in the desert which sends everyone into hysterics, and volunteering yesterday and today. I have been busy.

I will be working on getting my family to help me get a vending spot at a local event that supports the fight against domestic violence in our area. The vending fee is $ 25.00 which is cheap compared to the local school vending event that is $75.00-$150.00 a spot and not a guaranteed sale day. I still have to make some more stuff to sell which will raise the cost of the event slightly. So, if you pray, would you pleasse say one that I have favor with my family.

I'm finishing up the soccer fringed ponytail holders today. Not to mention the cheerleading style ponytail holders.

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Christie Cottage said...

I hope your booth is a huge success both for you and for the cause!

If you need some cool bags for your sold items, please stop by my shop.

Have a wonderful weekend!